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April 8th, 2012 This is a short review and overview of the General Lee 10 meter radio. The General Lee is a AM 10 meter export radio with dual finals and multiple features. Please visit – to read the full review.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 SOURCES AND DOCUMENTATION Kupchan’s Op-ed in the Washington Post The Washington Post is Owned by a Bilderberger The CIA Hearts the Washington Post Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich Background info on Bilderberg co-founder and ex-SS officer Prince Bernhard BBC Radio 4 Covers Bilderberg Foundations of European Union Dutch and French deal death blow to EU constitution The Lisbon Treaty IS the EU Constitution (side by side comparison) Irish Reject Lisbon; Eurocrats Immediately Call for a Do-over The EU/Irish Gov Lisbon Pimping Campaign Was Illegal MEPs walk out on Klaus speech about intolerance of European Parliament Van Rompuy was wined and dined by Bilderberg before being selected Farage Exposes the Eurocrats Brzezinski Fears a Political Awakening Bob Chapman on The Corbett Report
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. XGOPLAYER says:

    Are you still looking for this list? i? have one laying o my dresser, it alot of typeing if i can find a way ill put it up

  2. clipdan says:

    can you please tell me the Frequencies of all 6 bands. Is there a list online that shows bands A-F?? I do not have an external counter yet…

  3. frennnnm says:

    Is there a mod so I can take to? 27 MHz radios?

  4. clipdan says:

    This is a great review. Thanks for sharing. I picked up a General Washington for? free that needs repair.

  5. grimace188 says:

    yes did you find? the mod

  6. CHEVELLE69350 says:

    can a 10khz switch be put on a connex? 3300hp??? if so… how?

  7. cbboy73 says:


  8. m8rsdad says:

    how about a vid reviewing a 4300hp? would like? to know the pot numbers for modulation…..thanks

  9. Efteling4Ever says:

    Interesting to see all this BS about? a totalitarian government with on the background a EU flag. The EU… Hmmmmm isn’t that the place where nobody knows who rules who, with all labor unions, their strikes, their democracies, their countries, Brussels, their gazillions of independent media and political parties. I’ll go for the EU any time. Better than e.g. the US, a place already run by 2 parties (why not 1?. Keeps it simple), lobbyists buying US legislation, corporate donations and crap media.

  10. Efteling4Ever says:

    “….its a fucking joke!” No, what is a fucking joke is that you complain about “Europe” (which includes you btw) but do not have the spine to leave? the EU and sodd off to your isle of isolation. What are you without the EU? You were begging to be admitted in the seventies. I understand why you dont leave. You’ld only be back again in no time.

  11. PierreRMB says:

    I completely forgot about this video. Why do you? reply to me one month later? Dam, you guys are late.

  12. Bleassssssss says:

    I’d rather stay in the UK and it leave the EU thanks.? By the way what you call “Euroskeptics” and “Europhobics” I call democrates.

  13. tcs6991 says:

    @pikeonfly1 it doesn’t all it does it takes our money and sends it to help out some other country whom are doing nothing to benefit us and the EU also takes away our rights to rule our own country and set our own laws? it is pathetic and i’d willingly die for Britian in a war but not the EU

  14. pikeonfly1 says:

    How does the EU benefit? Britain ….its a fucking joke!

  15. Fridaey13txhOktober says:

    Destroy the uneuropean union? of plutocrates!

  16. sechsundachzig says:

    funny is that a lot of? europeans call the eu “4th reich”, and we germans name the eu “versailles 2.0”. amazing how the international clique inciting the nations against each other…
    greetings from my new country switzerland^^

  17. PierreRMB says:

    Why would you speak about Americans and their Washington Army when the video is to oppose Europe? Americans should have nothing to say about Europe! Now shut the fuck up all of you Euroskeptics and Europhobics. If all of you nutjobs hate Europe so much and love America so much, why don’t you all go to America and shut the fuck up, then everyone fucking wins! And for those who hate America too, well go to Cuba or Russia! And if you still don’t like that!, then? change Planet!

  18. sallygo1234 says:

    You think it was amazing 5 months ago?…. you should see it? now! 😉

  19. Annafin62 says:

    They are really trying now to push Europe towards a federation. Politicians at least here in Finland plan to put to the constitution that Finland belongs? to the EU. It possibly makes leaving EU much more difficult.

  20. 28318511 says:

    – Thanks, I’ll look at that link, I’m up to speed on them already, it just boggles the mind sometimes that so few ask what came before the 3rd reich… A simple google search puts them on the right? track.

  21. LibertaerUeberAlles says:

    Yeah, but Corbett’s “Nazi” reference is a bit misleading. Of course the “EU” was planned before Adolf of Germany ascended to power. But it doesn’t mean he acquiesced? to corporate fascism, nor that the intent of such a union was necessarily bad if under the control of Europeans. I think Adolf even wrote in his Second Book that such a union is necessary for efficient distribution of resources. To answer about the 1st and 2nd Reich, here’s a nice video:

  22. brown9ja says:

    Ireland is Broke!Greece is Broke!Portugal is? Broke!Spain is Broke!Italy is Broke! You call this a Union? No Way,this is a Union of Bankrupt Nations.Peddling a worthless paper currency.The E.U is a complete and total failure.

  23. wahahn says:

    The awakening going on across the world is amazing and unprecedented. Personally, I believe THE highest power is responsible. Something is coming…I don’t know what. But, I feel it.? Do you?

  24. wizao3 says:

    nice dnb at the intro? 🙂

  25. mooners40 says:

    Mr Farage – clearly speaks his mind – more free speech please – funny how his plane nose dived lately – i hope it hasn’t dented his voice – he’s got big balls – i wish others in? office cared as much as him

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