March 14th, 2012

Noul single Giulia “Vorbe Goale” produs de Gala Records. http Follow Giulia:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I thought you’d like a look at this 1932 Ford three-window Coupe. This is a very clean car with an undercarriage you can eat off of. Brand new crate 350CID engine with a Turbo 350 transmission and a 9″ Ford rear end. This fiberglass coupe was built in 2009 and only has 89 miles on it since. Incredible looking Tangelo Orange paint with excellent Beige leather interior. Under the hood, you will find lots of chrome including the Edelbrock 4BBL carb, Edelbrock intake, chrome air cleaner, chrome AC compressor, chrome alternator, chrome fuel lines, chrome Chevrolet valve covers, Walker radiator and much more! Other options include; 4 wheel Wildwood disc brakes, Vintage AC/heat, AM/FM radio with CD player, power steering, power windows, tilt wheel, seat belts, leather interior, and radial tires with chrome American Racing wheels. The Tangelo Orange paint is so outstanding, everyone will know when you get to your destination. Thanks for watching and commenting, I appreciate it! Filmed at Gateway Classic Cars in Fairmont City, IL (near St. Louis, Missouri) The background music track is Whiskey on the Mississippi by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download MacLeod’s description: Genre: Blues Length: 3:15 Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Kit, Organ, EP Tempo: 90 With a jumping bass and off-beat syncopation, this is straight from Memphis’ Beale Street. The Hammond organ and electric guitar play together as

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  1. scumpilicixd says:

    @TheEuropeanDream Cred ca e cel mai? apreciat comentariu al tau ! 🙂

  2. CBb1987 says:

    @DariusLegacy00 unlike!?

  3. TimbalandSounds says:

    Faina Melodia!! Sper sa o mai ti? si in viitor tot asa. Mai ales pe romaneste.

  4. GabRaileanu says:

    @andreeyutzau ce? norocos e taticul 😉

  5. andreeyutzau says:

    Ce mamica din lume:x:X ce norocos e bebelusul? ei:x:X:X

  6. nico34039 says:

    vino intre noi Giulia!! Te Iubim? ca in prima zi !!!

  7. nico34039 says:

    azi e ziua ta !!! bravo Giulia!!! ?

  8. SpuneNuInnA says:

    Singurul motiv pentru care Giulia merit? apreciat? e c? înc? mai cânt? în limba român?,spre deosebire de pseudoarti?tii ?i artistele gen INNA,ALEXANDRA STAN,AMMA,ALESSIA,DYA,MEENA K,SYLVIA,RALUKA,TARA,care au uitat de unde au plecat ?i l?l?ie(nasol)în englez? fiindc? le e ru?ine c? sunt românce.Amuzant,dar? trist,e c? sunt milioane de cretini în România,majoritatea tineri f?r? educa?ie,care le apreciaz? pe acele mii de a?a zise artiste ap?rute ca ciupercile dup? ploaie ce cânt? în englez?:Inna…

  9. iulianivasec says:

    draguta coperta:) dar si melodia.. bravo? Giulia

  10. TheSmecherutza says:

    Un comentariu frumos de la TheEuropeanDream bravo RESPECT cu? thumbs up

  11. rulez4you999 says:

    Foarte frumos , muzica romaneasca de? calitate si comerciala. Felicitari Giulia !!

  12. bamuie says:

    mama? ce buci are asta :X

  13. adr1anelo says:

    nice:X:Xthe? best^_^

  14. x3drugsrawr says:

    Vorbe Goale.. se vede.. mai ales ca in poza e 95% goala.. in rest.. n-am nimic de zis, melodia e frumoasa si imi? place 😉 !

  15. InAiOaNa11 says:

    `Ador melodia.! Giulia are o voce superba.!<3<3
    Like cine e de? acord.!

  16. endroomusic says:

    de mic, mi-a placut vocea Giuliei, nici pana acum nu m-am plictitist? de ea…

  17. lota900 says:

    Wow Like? Music English version PLS

  18. boltasu says:

    Bravo? !

  19. MusicClaus says:

    plagiati sunteti voi ca asa v’a? facut mama voastra din material plagiat made in china;)!

  20. nico34039 says:

    Bravo printesa!!!? te ador!!

  21. bisquik3006 says:

    @RamblinAround Watch your back, lol.?

  22. RamblinAround says:

    @bisquik3006 If it makes you feel any better, it’s not a real 32’s a new construction? fiberglass car.

  23. RamblinAround says:

    @FreshFromDaBasement It? is a nicely built car for sure.

  24. RamblinAround says:

    @paradoxdesigns? You’re right, everyone seems to put their own twist on them. Thanks for watching!

  25. RamblinAround says:

    @Hiddenbeneath1 Yep, this one is? definitely sharp. Thanks for checking it out!

  26. RamblinAround says:

    @elbacooks4u Thanks for? checking it out!

  27. RamblinAround says:

    @noisnaosabe Thanks for watching!?

  28. bisquik3006 says:

    One day I’m going to find you. When I do, I’m going to? break your camera.

  29. FreshFromDaBasement says:

    cool car to take to auto-show. hot rods are? awesome

  30. paradoxdesigns says:

    i always love seeing these at car shows, you’ll never see two that are alike. i think thats also why i like supra’s and Rx-7s? 🙂

  31. Hiddenbeneath1 says:

    Geeze? forget the truck ill tow my camper with this lol

  32. elbacooks4u says:

    That would? be one cool car to own.

    God bless,


  33. noisnaosabe says:

    Orange hot? =D

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