Gloria Gaynor performs “i am going to endure” at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio City Music Hall

April 23rd, 2015

Gloria Gaynor does “i’ll Survive” at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio City Music Hall Go to: to see more clips and additional features.

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    #ellascantanlomejor Puesto 4 Gloria?

  2. Edi Biancalana Bianchini says:

    Gloria Gaynor performs “I Will Survive” at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio
    Olá, para quem assistiu ao video
    anterior, esta cantora que vocês
    verão em seguida encontrava se
    nas apresentações do clip! E aqui
    depois de tantos anos de carreira
    ela se apresenta, at Mandela Day
    do ano de 2009, cantando a cancão que a levou para a história da
    música Internacional Americana…
    ” I will survive”



    S O B R E V I R É. *LO CUMPLIÓ*?

  4. Barbara Ann Levy says:

    A reframe, a necessary one…..?

  5. Andrea Trujillo Estrada says:

    International Women’s Day!!! 😀 With my love for all of us! #women #day

  6. Colette Granjon says:

    Gloria Gaynor performs “I Will Survive” at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio
    C… :

  7. william velasquez says:
  8. Tr?n Hùng C??ng says:
  9. Fj Bs says:

    Thank you so much , never forget this fantastic song and music…Gracias

  10. Andre tiburcio de freitas says:


  11. *Love&Music* says:

    just LOVE !!! ..?

  12. Dracule Mihawk says:

    Dat ass though?

  13. Oliver Utriainen says:

    No lip syncing/pre-recording with these old school black vocalists!?

  14. Christopher De Luen says:
  15. Antonio Batista says:

    Gloria Gaynor performs “I Will Survive” at Mandela Day 2009 from Radio

  16. Waad Fahad says:

    She’s amazing ?

  17. Quang Sang says:

    Hay ?ê?n m??c huyê?n thoa?i.?

  18. DANIELE TEDDE says:

    Questa donna non invecchia mai! :-)?

  19. Spinnin' Records says:

    Borgeous and Spinnin’ Records proudly present the official video for

  20. Azaveki says:

    3!!! ONE….. TWO…. THR- oh wait, this is the 21st century and not
    everyone lives by the restraints of religion and “what’s right.” If you
    can’t deal with change, perhaps this world isn’t the one for you. And
    rather than declaring your existence as one that impedes on everyone elses,
    you just easily just mind your own damn business and not try to control how
    others express themselves and choose to live their lives. If they are t
    bothering you, don’t bother them. ?

  21. Zoltan Csikos says:

    So this video’s about 2 Lesbian bank robbers? The fuck.?

  22. KenoahWolf says:

    So much homophobic 12 year old cunts. xD
    Made me laugh. xD?

  23. Yuri Petrovitch says:

    Clearly they’re platonic, did you not see that high five at 1:46, it was
    right from the Bro Code! In fact, if you spell “Invincible” backwards you
    get “elbicnivni” which in Bro-ssian translates to “Legendary”! True story.

    As for the scene where the blonde girl get’s mad, she was just looking out
    for her friend making a bad choice… Did you see that guy, a four at best,
    and in a cheap suit. He was totally after a one night stand… As for them
    sharing hotel rooms together, obviously you’ve never road tripped with your
    best friends and slept in the single room to split costs more effectively.


  24. meelad samadi says:

    Fuck youtubers!! Like seriously if u don’t like gays or lesbians then plz
    dig ur self a hole and just simply die for fucks sake!! It’s none of ur
    concerns if a person likes its own gender or not. Someone’s interest
    towards someone else should in no way be of an concern to you what’s so
    ever! If they are happy together like who the fûçkîng hell are you to
    criticize someone else for their likings! Mind ur own business and go on
    with your day, they are not hurting you so why be even give a shit?!?!!?!
    Sorry but it’s pî?ses me off when I see almost ever single youtubers hate
    on someone because of there liking towards someone else. ?

  25. Diana G says:

    I love this video <3?

  26. vTonaz says:

    My generation is fucked up…?

  27. trillionairette says:

    jesus christ are you people serious? everyone’s homophobic comments anger
    me. you are acting like this is the first time gay people came up in a
    music video or something. even if it is “wrong” to be gay, how are you
    doing any better by blurting out all these hateful remarks? yeah, this
    generation is fucked up- but it’s only cause all of you ignorant,
    close-minded fucks. ?

  28. mcd karim says:

    lesbians , gay !!! where the fuck this world is going to !!?

  29. Sinternet says:

    Why are most of the comments about lesbians rather than the actual song??

  30. Freezy 4life says:

    Cuz young generation think be a homo is cool, and they made a funny excuse
    call “born this way”?

  31. Dan Blustein says:

    everyone’s focusing on the fact that the robbers are lesbian, not on the
    fact that they’re stealing hard earned money.?

  32. Kurotetsu Machiro says:

    come on guys!
    this video is not bad
    in my opinion , it looks like best friends doing everything together and
    fot the club scene maybe her friends just cant keep it up to see her friend
    being a touched by someone?

    and this video has better quality than avicii “im addicted to you”

  33. Sam Bevan says:

    all the comments now are people commenting on all the lesbian comments.
    making you as bad as the original lesbian comments by all commenting about
    all of the original lesbian comments. and im now just as bad for commenting
    on the the comments about the lesbian comments. thanks for bringing me down
    with you, cunts?

  34. Stephanie Espino says:

    #invincible #feelgoodmusic ?

  35. Fabian Olmos says:

    I need to know the. Blonde ones name?

  36. electronicdancemuz says:

    Borgeous has to thank KSHMR for this one?

  37. klea tota says:

    e papare?

  38. Edison Ramirez says:

    como que esta de moda hacer videos musicales con lesbianas?

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