Harry Enfield – Smashie and Nicey – The End Of An Era Part 1

March 23rd, 2012

Smashie and Nicey (DJs Dave Nice and Mike Smash) reflect on their radio careers after their depature from Radio Fab FM. Features Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse. Broadcast on BBC1 in 1994. This was inspired by the shake up of BBC Radio 1 by Matthew Bannister which saw the departure of DJs such as Dave Lee Travis and Simon Bates. Also features Alan Freeman and David Kid Jensen.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

de esta forma se celebraron los primeros 5 años de la radio VOX fm 94.5 con su disco TOCANDO LA PUERTA una forma inusual de hacer conciencia en los radio escuchas de EL SALVADOR jajajaja

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  1. EloiseDecember says:

    me funny? farmstead lol


    Love Harry Endfield explaining one? foot in the grave haha 🙂

  3. MagnusVideos says:

    Why can’t I? buy this on DVD????

  4. pollmeister says:

    This is,? quite liderally, the funniest comedy spoof documentary EVER EVER EVER. I wish they would release it on DVD.

  5. minnietheminx says:

    Haha Alan Freeman in the walking frame? and Kid Jenson falling downstairs!

  6. ddemaine says:

    @nationwidejazzman95 You’re most welcome. Funnily enough Tony Blackburn played it? on Pick Of The Pops the other week. “It reminds of those two delightful characters created by Harry Enfield and Paul Whithouse. No idea who they were modelled on though, mayde”

  7. nationwidejazzman95 says:

    @ddemaine cheers?

  8. ddemaine says:

    @nationwidejazzman95 Bachman Turner? Overdrive with “Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, from 1974

  9. nationwidejazzman95 says:

    whats the song at the beginning? called?

  10. 38dragoon38 says:

    @Gulftastic I totally? agree. I get the impression that the more satirical and intelligent stuff is the work of Paul who seems to have a bit more depth to him than the posh Harry. Regarding unhappy childhoods, I recall hearing a biography on Kenny Everett many years ago on the radio which wasn’t dissimilar to this.

  11. philipcordwell says:

    Can someone tell? me why NONE of Harry Enfield’s back catalogue has been released on DVD by the BBC?

  12. sundayuneedlove says:

    @Gulftastic Its actually quite moving, although I relate to it too well I think….maybe i shouldn’t have owned a? tape recorder….

  13. fredmila says:

    I watched this again now that they have just repeated it on? the telly, I pissed myself laughing the same way as the first time round.
    Little Britain? nah!

  14. vaj99 says:


  15. killwill83 says:

    “Don’t you wish you had a childhood like mine?” The saddest and? tmost tragicly funny thing I’ve ever seen! Paul Whitehouse s an acting God!

  16. dadorrington says:

    thanks? for saying:)

  17. mike65ie says:

    BBC Two are showing this again on Sunday? 9th May 22.40

  18. arizonabay1970 says:

    5.23 – how? hard does that kid land?

  19. masterofallhesurveys says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this.I taped it on VHS? many moons ago and must have watched it a dozen times.Now I can bore my wife shitless by watching it again and again.Hoo RAH !!! Poptastic times beckon…

  20. NPA1001 says:

    The funniest T.V. programe I have ever seen, used to own? it on VHS so it’s poptastic to see it again.

  21. mrbillhicks says:

    1.15 could? this be the start of Pauls Green army obession ?

  22. stillencharger says:

    ganado de? una jajajaja

  23. musiktonz says:

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  24. Acosta1045 says:

    jajaajja? est chistoso

  25. LarunyHati says:

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  26. LarunyHati says:

    Hijue puta!!! Que? nombres!! Jajajajajaja Santa Yoseth, Britney Maria y el mejor Vicitacion Encarnacion….jajajajaja,

  27. Marvin83109 says:

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  28. cripy13 says:

    Ejtoj Jerotes? Si Son Bayuncos, Que Pijados Mas Sobados Ejtos ::laugh

  29. mexican1351 says:

    fuck el salvadork? u guys suckkk dick…

  30. zumaki234 says:


  31. Rogeliorock2 says:


  32. GeM74501 says:

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  33. ericflex55 says:

    no? mamen ke chistes tan pendegos saken algo megor burros

  34. paperback1979 says:

    jajajjajajaja, ayyyyyyyyyyyyy que me río,? ya me mie!!!!!

  35. Mariolpu6 says:


    o.o hey pero habian mas de Tocando La Puerta, alli te faltan un montonazo todavia, aun asi excelente recopilacion xDDD

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