Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH “Ted Williams”

February 27th, 2012

Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH (Update-FINAL) www.youtube.com – more videos www.facebook.com – FACEBOOK original video: tinyurl.com blog: archiezzle.blogspot.com This man is amazing! He really has talent. Ted Williams deserves another chance at life and He has the Golden Radio Voice to prove it. More reasons to help him out is that He is homeless. the YouTube community has proved it so many times with stories like Antoine Dodson and the “Double Rainbow Guy” Lets all help Ted Williams by spreading the video. Double Rainbow Guy: www.youtube.com Antoine Dodson: www.youtube.com

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  1. Pouya10RAP says:

    where can i get that food? u a have at end

  2. TheObeyjackie1 says:


  3. 123MAN39 says:

    he is so cool ?

  4. gukosupersain says:

    u need? to shave…

  5. riplilrick1 says:

    He could become rich doing commercial voice? overs

  6. thornike says:

    F UC ? K

  7. JackSchwarzenegger says:

    Black? Einstein!!!

  8. PrOexeSiwy says:

    f? u

  9. eazye254 says:

    follow if you? thought this was the real video @brandontexas

  10. jefre117 says:

    i atomaticly dislike because? of the link all over the screen

  11. zibberebbiz says:

    I been looking for 8? hours and I still can’t find a video of the actual GOD DAMNED VIDEO.

  12. CountMyDerps says:

    @cozIMAbelieber Fake? I’ve met this guy and he actually does talk like this. Also, why would you capitalize every? word? Do you actually talk like that? And one more note, it’s “I’m”, not “Im”.

  13. cozIMAbelieber says:

    Im Gettin Pretty Sick Of Fake? Videos Urgh. -_-

  14. CardChanger says:

    I hate people like you. When you look for a video and you see the thumbnail with the video ON IT and then? you get some ugly faggot talking about it.

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