How to add a switch between a car radio and a car battery?

March 27th, 2012

Question by : How to add a switch between a car radio and a car battery?
I am building a portable audio system, which is powered up by a battery. The radio I’m using goes to standby when I turn if off, so it’s still using power. Since its a portable system, I would like to somehow turn the radio completely off so it doesn’t use power while I’m not using it. Can I add a switch that turns the radio completely off?? Or will the radio in standby won’t be using almost no battery at all.

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Answer by TV guy
You can certainly add a switch. Add it between the positive lead of the battery and the radio.

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  1. James says:

    It will use very little power in standby. It has two power wires. One is usually connected to the ignition switch so that the radio goes off when the engine is off. The other always has power, to maintain the preset station memories, volume and tone settings, last station played, and clock time, if it has one. Installing a switch on the first wire does exactly the same thing as the power button on the radio. Installing a switch on the second one will lose all the memories, including the last station it was playing. So adding a switch to either one really doesn’t make sense.

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