Howard Stern 9/11/01 Live Radio Broadcast Part 1of 5

December 12th, 2011

Howard Stern 9 11 01 Live Radio Broadcast Part 1of 5

Miss Jones interviews the Real American Gangster Frank Lucas
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  1. spxmet says:

    …? I still can’t believe it happened…

  2. tonytonytee says:

    it was an inside job..norad stood down for over an? hour..

  3. ChloeGfan says:

    These people are laughing and joking about Pam Anderson’s tits while our country is under attack. What a bunch of oblivious and stoned douche bags?

  4. MrCrosato says:

    damn arabs?

  5. mustbeburtreynolds says:

    @ndc18 “Al-Qaeda” as it were doesn’t really exist. It means “the database” in Arabic, and is really? nothing more than the CIA’s web of known “terrorists” (a.k.a. assets/agents/etc.) The Taliban certainly exists – they were the ruling party in Afghanistan from 1996 until the 2001 invasion, and now exist mainly as rebels in Pakistan. This is the USSR invasion all over again, except now we’re the Russians, and now the Afghanis are Saudis and Egyptians and a slew of other nationalities.

  6. mustbeburtreynolds says:

    @dart1285 You clearly struggle with? logic.

  7. mustbeburtreynolds says:

    @ndc18 Yeah, really.

    The CIA wired over three billion dollars through Pakistan’s ISI (basically Pakistan’s CIA. All the world’s intelligence agencies are? like frenemies – cautious allies sort of) to the Mujahideen, the Afghani rebels that fought against the Soviet invasion in the ’80s. The CIA chose bin Laden as a spiritual leader for the Mujahideen, and basically brainwashed them into believing that Russia was attacking their religion and way of life, not their country. They became the Taliban

  8. ndc18 says:

    @mustbeburtreynolds? really?

  9. ndc18 says:

    @AegeanShores1? what?

  10. commanderlorne1 says:

    @rexra didnt anyone tell you “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” you need the brush up on the international policy from the last 70 years and you’ll shit yourself at how the good ol us of a has continually fucked other? governments from democracy for a few million barrels of oil, ie iran.

  11. rexra says:

    AND HONESTLY u push us…we? will push back

  12. rexra says:

    @commanderlorne1 yes i did…yea? the reason why is because they attacked us on our own soil…fuck u….RED WHITE AND BLUE,,,THESE COLORS DONT RUN FROM ANYTHING…ur a piece of shit

  13. commanderlorne1 says:

    @rexra yumad? did you know anyone of those people personally? do you? have any idea how many innocent Iraqis and Afghans the military have indiscriminately killed in the last 9 years? ur a fuckin choad for shitposting you fuck.

  14. rexra says:

    @commanderlorne theyve been doing it for years u asshole?

  15. mikeymensa says:

    ‘…..complete hatred expressed in its most insane form possesses the twisted logic of even destroying yourself to hurt your enemy. Like some crazy lover who kills his spouse and himself afterwards, rather than tolerate the loss. Every suicidal bomber embraces this truth. But it’s Satan they die for, not God.’

    from ebook, ‘God Stopping A Nuclear War’ ,? only 99 cents?

  16. Severddans says:

    Vote Ron Paul? 2012 Join The Revolution !!

  17. g160687m says:

    @commanderlorne you’re an? asshole

  18. SinisterSkyline says:

    @dart1285 not really, i mispelled cause i was writing stuff in spanish also, i just got the english/spanish spelling mixed? up. “Flock of sheep” bitch please, you used “…” in the wrong way also, that dosen’t destroy your argument. And if i hadn’t mispelled anything i’m sure you would’ve found another thing to make my argument not count

  19. dart1285 says:

    @SinisterSkyline …might help your argument a bit if you actually spelled Iraq correctly…just saying…you just shot your whole argument full of holes by exposing yourself as part of an ignorant flock of sheep.? try again

  20. mustbeburtreynolds says:

    @Dimigrey Shut up douchebag, bin Laden had nothing to do with it. The FBI said themselves they found no evidence of a connection.

    Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset. We paid him billions of dollars to fight the Russians in the ’70s and ’80s. Him and and the Saudi Royal? Family and Bush Sr. were close friends. These are facts.

  21. Dimigrey says:

    He knew it? was bin laden before anybody Else Did if you listen.

  22. ThisIsArmandDeluxe says:

    @stetch69 he was great, because he spoke the mind of the people? at that time.

  23. SinisterSkyline says:

    “We gotta bomb the shit out of them” ?? Bitch that’s what they just did to you!. We finnally got a glimpse, A TINY glimpse into the suffering and sorrow we sent to other countries and breakdown as if it was the worst thing ever…it’s a joke compared to ANY bombing we have done in any? country. 3000 were killed in 911 and 100000 we killed in Irak as revenge. And bombs are still your solution? Yeah, go ahead, create more hate you coward, you pathetic selfish coward

  24. movieman175 says:

    i remember seeing the tower fall down on live tv as a 9 year old i dont remember much but i do remember not? knowing what the hell was going on and being really scared

  25. commanderlorne says:

    @MrBirdchild? WhyUMadBro?

  26. shoota941 says:

    Fucking legend. Rollin? 6digits a week back then

  27. Benzinhead says:

    You know what? he wanted? three fitty! that lognes monstah just wanned three fitty!

  28. dunngar says:

    the? black Larry Flynt

  29. Ryudouu says:

    Lol? he used to make 200k a week. Jesus.

  30. titansisaac8 says:

    hahha @ 2:09 he told? him “call Lisa”, in his mind (we need that big shipment of blue magic to come through and i’m counting on her), lol.

  31. DjJayOfficial says:

    @yunginf He snitched on crooked cops I think.?

  32. yunginf says:

    Frank Lucas full of shit got rich off of lots of black people dying? den snitched on all his niggas dat ain’t real

  33. CumDumpsterrrr says:

    This guy is? so cool what the fuck.

  34. YoursTruelyMe2 says:

    Darth? Vader right there

  35. WilsonBen11 says:

    @legendkiller649 You can’t hear. She said, do you have any good advice to give them…meaning, ‘tell them they shouldn’t be selling drugs and go? to school.’ You got it so backwards, you need to go to school too.

  36. DBKK says:

    @legendkiller649 listen to the fukin question u dum fuck. shes? asking if he has a message for them. and he says go to school. stop taking shit out of context

  37. TheMinneapolis612 says:

    @weEzyFan100 what the? fuck you know what being a “G” is?

  38. MrFtroop72 says:


  39. RedNinjaTurtle23 says:

    @gregorygolub that is true, he was doing big things..but he snitched in the end….on dirty cops (fine), but on his own brothers??? they didnt include that? part in the movie

  40. youneekk says:

    Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to? see…

  41. STiNGFiST77 says:

    @1844life nigga? if you aint smoking crack already you better fuckin start…

  42. gregorygolub says:

    @1844life You really have no proof of what Cam’ron said or didn’t however Frank Lucas ran a multimillion dollar heroin business. Cam’ron is an entertainer, this is not? an argument, there is no comparison.

  43. 1844life says:

    @gregorygolub no cam’ron is a BOSS. the guy who did not SNITCH on the person who shot? him. while frank lucas is a fucking RAT for SNITCHING. harlem world i’m out.

  44. gregorygolub says:

    @1844life There is no way you can even begin to? compare Cam’ron to Frank Lucas. Frank is a BOSS, Cam’ron a JOKE

  45. funeshitproductions says:

    these some ignorant motherfuckers ?

  46. Getmoneygetmoney09 says:

    @1844life well if you was a Boss like Frank Lucas and dirty cops were snatchin major figures from you in your face, would you just let them get away with it, because you don’t want to be a snitch?!! You would be VERY STUPID to do that. He basically PLAYED CHESS on them fools; that’s how REAL PLAYERS PLAY!! IF he didn’t, (1) he’d still be behind bars? and (2) them cops would still be paid and alive.

  47. Getmoneygetmoney09 says:

    @1844life well if you was a Boss like Frank Lucas and dirty cops were snatchin major figures from you in your face, you would just let them get away with it, because you don’t want to be a snitch?!! You would be VERY STUPID to? do that. He basically PLAYED CHESS on them fools; that’s how REAL PLAYERS PLAY!! IF he didn’t, (1) he’d still be behind bars and (2) them cops would still be paid and alive

  48. pooder365 says:


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