Jamie xx – Beat For (out now on Numbers, NMBRS10)

January 15th, 2012

Download now from farnearer.com iTunes http Jamie xx joins Numbers DJs Jackmaster and Spencer for their Rinse FM radio show on Tuesday 7th June.Listen online between 11pm – 1am GMT (Londoners can also tune in to 106.8FM) Sign up to be notified – nmbrs.net Numbers showcase at this years Sonar Festival in Barcelona – sonar.nmbrs.net

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  1. stopit333444 says:

    I was listening to Burial SO MUCH, that? this style is just not acceptable for a moment. Just for a while. Little while. AH, DAMN YOU, REPEAT BUTTON.

  2. TheBassHeavy says:

    Still can’t get enough of this? track 4 months on.

  3. JamesMcG1995 says:

    Very James Blake…?

  4. Leatt25 says:

    @vworonowicz: As the mix came out? over a year ago and 12 months before this release, I would? call the version in the mix the original. I prefer the breakbeats in that version i think it makes the song a lot more weighty and has more impact. But what do I know?

  5. vworonowicz says:

    @Leatt25 ? Probably a VIP?

  6. humblelaurie says:

    @AddRiftMusic yeeeah this one’s more like James Blake?

  7. Kankerzwijn says:

    Masturbation? time!

  8. Leatt25 says:

    @humzzzikle. ? If the link gets removed its called Jamie XXs Mix for Colette /// 4th track in. It has more of a breakbeat feal to it. A bit more dancefloor friendly and euphoric compared to this version.

  9. humzzzikle says:

    dude is? a genius

  10. humzzzikle says:

    @Leatt25 where can i find the? version in the mix you’re referencing?

  11. AddRiftMusic says:

    @mrgangrel – not really a lot? of burial in this tbh

  12. SuperiFox says:

    @Leatt25 I kinda like it better like this…? Idk

  13. SlIpKnOtBaByLoVe says:

    can’t get enough of? jamie xx

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