Jamie xx – Far Nearer (out now on Numbers, NMBRS10)

January 14th, 2012

Download now from farnearer.com iTunes http Jamie xx joins Numbers DJs Jackmaster and Spencer for their Rinse FM radio show on Tuesday 7th June.Listen online between 11pm – 1am GMT (Londoners can also tune in to 106.8FM) Sign up to be notified – nmbrs.net Numbers showcase at this years Sonar Festival in Barcelona – sonar.nmbrs.net

After her interview with JoJo Wright, Lady GaGa performed this a amazing acoustic version of her new single, “You and I” in the 102.7 KIIS FM Studio. She even started it with a small tid bit from, “Edge of Glory”!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses

  1. jhkb226 says:

    EAR SEX?

  2. Jaleetah says:

    I feel better when I
    I? do feel better when I
    My hearts feels better when I
    Have you near me

  3. stopit333444 says:

    @xKiDFRESHH nah?

  4. xKiDFRESHH says:

    This song is better? than sex.

  5. SunshineOnLeith70 says:

    Sounds a lot? like a beached up version of ‘diving faces’ by liquid child

  6. RCI1994 says:

    Seriously the best song I’ve? ever heard…

  7. rastamouse1988 says:

    dammit gona have to drink some Malibu? now 🙁

  8. 19dignan says:

    love? this tune.

  9. hendoo118 says:


  10. cilitbang12 says:

    beautiful? track !

  11. TFrenchy says:

    I smoke dope when I,
    you smoke dope when I,
    my heart smokes dope,
    when? I have you near me.

  12. 19kylegreer96 says:

    lol? the top comment has 69 likes, 69 lol

  13. NDrewanz says:

    @elscorcho19 thank you sir. that was? driving me crazy

  14. TheLeafOfTrefoil says:

    nice? track

  15. kepso3 says:

    you? dick

  16. cwebbwash3 says:

    @DontTryMeImGrimey23 . . . I was just? thinking that same thing

  17. wiggles5556 says:

    @DontTryMeImGrimey23 Random……

  18. elscorcho19 says:

    i feel better when i
    you fel better? when i
    i feel better when i
    have you near me

  19. byT0M says:

    I always thought? it was:-

    I’ll feel better when I,
    You’ll feel better when I,
    I’ll feel better when I have you near me.

  20. DontTryMeImGrimey23 says:

    This song? makes me feel like a wild horse running through the jungle with an injured man on my back loosing blood with every heartbeat

  21. SuperDeskchair says:

    I (or you) feel better when i have you near me is the? actual words… in case anyone wandered 🙂

  22. thaswift1 says:

    @Foeteq? Agree 100%.

  23. cocojoe101 says:

    @opinion5678 Both spellings are? acceptable actually

  24. stairwaygoddess says:

    Too bad all that auto tune stuff is what? the public really wants. This is really, reeally good.

  25. opinion5678 says:

    @cocojoe101 *Spelt… You mean “spelt”. ?

  26. matildahassall says:

    Fucking hell, she’s? that amazing

  27. MissMandyNinaLouise says:

    When she went into the really hard? core YOU AND I part I got shivers! I love Lady Gaga

  28. MissMandyNinaLouise says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD! I play the piano without shoes to! People look at me like? I’m crazy and now I can say my hero, Momma Monster, does it to!

  29. greenketchup75 says:

    I heart her? so much!!!

  30. manumtz91 says:

    Crazy? Gaga love you…

  31. westsidestory97 says:

    I’m not very into Lady Gaga. I mean, I appreciate her.
    But I dont have any CDs or listen to her music? often.
    But this performance is incredible.
    She’s very talented. I’m so impressed.
    She has so much personality.
    I knew I always kinda liked her. 🙂
    Very well done.

  32. MisterAlexadner says:

    Five people accidentally pressed the wrong? button. :O

  33. cocojoe101 says:

    in the title, performs is? spelled wrong

  34. AmandaGoullart1 says:


  35. Neogentik says:

    That small lucky? crowd looks so bored. Assoles, I would have givin my left nut to be there.

  36. EmHenn11 says:

    She’s such a nut when she gets into it. God I love it.?

  37. 12EStephen says:

    And again at 7:48 she hit the wrong chord & kept? going. That’s what live is all about.

  38. 12EStephen says:

    I love how she played the wrong bass line note at 3:18 & looked? down & kept going like she never missed a beat. True artistry!

  39. adelisandwitch says:

    she is even better live than her edited versions…..Ooooh gaga, ilove you SO muchh, but you make me SOOOOO jealouss !!!! I cant wait to see you in concert one day, you are amazing…..I had a horrible day today( ihave bronchitis right now) but you made me smile so big!!!!! I cheered and applauded after I watched this !!!?

  40. starsinsaturn says:

    I love how she’s not? wearing her heels. her feet are so small!

  41. jcspeb010 says:

    The? Madonna of our age.

  42. MapleStory012 says:

    There’s only three men that I’mma serve my whole? life,
    it’s my daddy, and Nebraska and
    Thumbs up if you heard this!

  43. MapleStory012 says:

    The piano solo was amazing.?

  44. MapleStory012 says:

    I haven’t seen Beyonce, Rihanna or Katy Perry do? this.

  45. MapleStory012 says:

    @madcow15792 Because they respect Gaga when she’s performing. At least they? clapped and cheered after her performance.

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