John Hodgman at Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner

February 25th, 2012

Humorist John Hodgman was the entertainment headliner at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner. Mr. Hodgman roasted the president for being a “nerd”, referencing his place in popular culture and passion for comics and science fiction.
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17 Responses

  1. eliten100 says:

    He is? boring

  2. JohnGuitarTV says:

    Speaker? of the house !

    John Hodgman

  3. doktorzoom says:

    9:29? for the win!

  4. Bloodyidit says:

    watch out, jocks!

  5. Ratstail91 says:

    How do you? follow that?

  6. flopus7 says:

    MovieBob sent me here?

  7. OMGanimator93 says:

    5:30 the origin of the “not? bad” meme?

  8. FrancisChanWordOfGod says:

    John should film a movie and post it on this channel

    Oustanding Speaker for TV , but for sure nothing close to? John Boehner

  9. worldviolist says:

    @DiscoveryGuitar Johnny Hodgman…I like it,? that’s got a nice ring to it.

  10. uucp says:

    That was charming. Interesting to see one? of these speeches performed with essentially no political content, and yet work.

  11. newjersey02 says:

    @GodHatesPortugal yes its all fake bullshit, how can people think this is cool, to dress up in suits and talk shit for an hour while America is still in a crisis? Fcuking faggits the real world is man? vs nature.

  12. newjersey02 says:

    weird guy in the beggining. This is all fake? people, politics is bullshit. society is bullshit.

  13. mrnoodles100 says:

    where did they film this from, the moon? the cameras very? shakey!

  14. JohnGuitarSolo says:

    John is always in time with the? earth and space , Loved the speach during this white house meeting

    Maybe he would visit my COLLEGE in 2012

  15. DiscoveryGuitar says:

    John , I always thought it was Jon ?

    Maybe Johnny would work

    Thanks for sharing and God? Bless America

  16. saraqueenful says:

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  17. enzo275 says:

    @Unclesamslair I was thinking the same thing!? You and me – we’re smarting than the president for sure.

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