(JSRF) Jet Set Radio Future – Playthrough (Part 10: Soul Hunter!) HD

April 22nd, 2012

Ever feel like the job is never done? you feel what I’m saying my peeps?! You can’t outlast the streets if you have no Soul, so get out there and earn that sweet soul Brotha!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Like my facebook page www.facebook.com thx to all my fans ;p – Track list : 1. Tom Boxer & Morena feat. J Warner – Deep In Love (Club Edit) 2. dimitri vegas like mike dada life tara mcdonald-tomorrow (full_vox_radio_mix) 3. dabruck_and_klein_feat._stella_atar-heartbeat_(radio_edit)_(feat._stella_atar) 4. 08-ida_corr-what_goes_around_comes_around_(radio_version) 5. dbn – all my life (radio mix) 6. redroche_vs._armstrong-make_your_move_(tristan_garner_radio_edit)_vs_armstrong 7. laidback_luke_feat._jonathan_mendelsohn-timebomb_(swanky_tunes_remix)_feat._jonathan_mendelsohn 8. bartosz_brenes_and_nick_mentes_feat._dan_thony-higher_(tune_brothers_remix) 9. Age Pee – Ass Up (Gordon & Doyle Remix) 10. the_good_guys-spider_s_bite_(chris_montana_remix) 11. robbie_rivera_feat._rooster_and_perata-move_move_(dons_mix) 12. plastik_funk_and_tune_brothers_-_groove_baby_plastik_funk_listen_and_repeat_mix-mst 13 diego_palacio-venom_(original_mix) – The Best Of Electronic Dancefloor [ Club Mix] – House /Soulful /Deep /Dirty – House/ Fidget/ Electro /Trance – House/ Techno/ Minimal / Hard – House/ Progressive/ Tribal/ Funky – House/ Club/ Comercial / Instrumental – House/ Fidget/ Disco /Indie /Urban – House/ Acid /Jacking / Swing – House/ Nu Disco/ Bassline/ Nu Disco – Electro /Dance /Tecktonik /Clash – Electro /Jazz / Boogie/ Dub / Groove – ProgHouse/ ClubHouse/ TechHouse/ TribalHouse [Dance Clubber ( Arabic – Greek/ Balkan – Latin – Afro -Euro )] Classic House /Soul /Funk / Disco /Drum
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mooro09 says:

    Bop-a-do-bop, bop-a-do-bop
    Bop-a-do-bop, bop-a-do-bop
    Bop-a-do-bop, bop-a-do-bop
    Bop-dop-a-do-wop do-wop-bam-boom

    Bop-a-do-bop, bop-a-do-bop
    Bop-a-do-bop, bop-a-do-bop
    Bop-a-do-bop,? bop-a-do-bop
    Wop-bop-a-do-bop do-wop-bam-boom

    Loved that song!

  2. abormdc says:

    cheap graphics my? ass, this is one of the most stylish games ever made.

  3. donut0261 says:

    the tapes also unlocks? da challenges to earn graffiti souls

  4. sakura01828 says:

    yup ;]?

  5. cadcsa says:

    The? Golden rule that all true gamers should follow, “Graphics aren’t everything” 😉

  6. hihihoho1234 says:

    41:28 damn… she is hot :P?

  7. jpawhees says:

    i never understood house music and? i think i never will.

  8. El3ctrofr3aki says:

    Then i? think “why not “…:P

  9. El3ctrofr3aki says:

    i understand ” put your ass? in the air ” everybody ,too ????

  10. saveiroturbo2000 says:

    Have liked very much every single song of the mix.
    Please, could you do a 2 hours video mix? I´ve enjoyed this one having sex with my lady on bed and I do never come before 2 hours, will appreciate that and keep the? others sex positions with her once you able the mix here. Thank you again!!!! you´ll definitely contribute for another baby on this world playing these songs.

  11. TheBHouseMusic says:

    Hey great mix 🙂 summer feeling <3

    subscribe to my Chanel if you love house music, summerfeeling and hot?? girls ;)?

  12. MrNOTBOOM says:

    or they can just? youtubetomp3dot com :S

  13. kstefan199 says:

    Thumbs up if? you can’t wait for the summer 2012!:)

  14. enVizuGRR says:

    My Electro/House mix with sexy video edit and clips;> u will love it!:)
    If u want? to thumbs this comment down.. then do it, but be quick so u can see my kickass mix!:)

  15. stheodosiadis says:


  16. DJRICANWOLF says:


  17. DJRICANWOLF says:

    <----NEW? MIXES FIRE

  18. laurynas smakras says:


  19. iwan5897 says:


  20. fkilla001 says:

    this is? great music just too many lame vocals

  21. lollypappy2 says:

    i came for the boobs :)?

  22. SuperYoga89 says:


  23. DJxMODDx says:


  24. Simone Villa says:

    canzone? al minuto 14 22??

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