(JSRF) Jet Set Radio Future – Playthrough (Part 14: Welcome to the GG’s Ryth!) HD

April 11th, 2012

So, we got a funky lass skating about Rokkaku dei heights, she seems to know the place farely well, lets see if we can match her move for move and impress her enough to join us!
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  1. simonbenjamin1 says:

    I like how each JSRF level has a distinct style in terms of colour grading and layout. I visit this map the most for some reason and just? like looking around in POV. Whether it is watching the distant factory works with boxes being poured down to the people in ground and that sort of thing, gotta love that detail!

  2. cadcTV says:

    Isle? 10

  3. GoStobe says:

    WHat? is the last song??? I GOTTA KNOW 😀

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