(JSRF) Jet Set Radio Future – Playthrough (Part 16:Panel Madness!) HD

July 20th, 2012

It seems the sewers run deeper than expected, however, if we are to enter the depths of the sewers, it seems we’ll have to locate all the panels that control the door that opens the way. by the end of this video, you’ll be saying (OUCH, THAT’S GOTTA HURT!)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses

  1. cadcTV says:

    The Echo? Helped it along 😛

  2. CompletelyNewguy says:

    (Falls for 6 secs takes not even quarter of damage to health bar.) Oh man you fell for so long the scream actually had time? to end.

  3. cadcTV says:

    To be frank, I was? like… “No way…” to top it all off, I was basically at the top too, lol

  4. XaviethePikachu says:

    Beat: phhh So pro this wall in easy!
    “Grinds on wall to the top”
    Beat: I’m flawless!
    Wall: NOPE!? *blocks*

  5. lindo13 says:

    good god! x.x?

  6. Falconman09876 says:

    At? the end:
    Wow… that had to hurt…

  7. cadcTV says:

    You know it? 😛

  8. TheFanOfSims3 says:

    You fall…? WOW ! XD

  9. alsuagarful says:

    why? why? WHY???? Why everybody needs to mention Lady Gaga fuckin? everywhere????????????? FUCK!!!!!

  10. ClutzyB14 says:

    I’m? here because they premiered the music video on E! and I kept rewinding it and listening to it over and over again!! Love this song!!

  11. ghale94 says:

    Love Gaga!! but I’ve LOVED No Doubt since I was? like 7!!!!

  12. evelikeswavves says:

    no? doubt need their own country so they can be the kings and queens and they can have a whole royal family

  13. Elijah Black says:

    reminds? me of No Doubt’s Start the Fire

  14. natheanl says:

    most little monsters only like this song cause lady gaga likes it at least im one of the little monsters who is? real no doubt fan

  15. elomni87 says:

    fuck gaga ppl need to shut up bout her ugly ass.. she will never? be up to gwens level in any way..

  16. Selenium238 says:

    ABOUT TIME THEY MADE SOME NEW MUSIC!!! I’ve been waiting since, what, 2003? I’ve been waiting since before I hit puberty! That’s a long ass wait!?

  17. hvcshow says:


  18. CellyLD says:

    I didn’t? like it in the start, but now i love it!?

  19. bigtdean says:

    Thumbs? up if you brought yourself here!

  20. sunnybunny1199 says:

    They’re back and still? awesome!!

  21. jvdineshraju says:

    @ezbzozv yeah people just dont get it this video is the best! Oh Btw i use this to get it on? your pod -> bit.ly/LBy2FK?=pkzeo

  22. SammyBaffa15 says:

    This version sounds more like the ‘no? doubt’ style 🙂 So glad they are back!!!

  23. martijndekok says:

    @ezbzozv yeah people just? dont get it this video is the best! Oh Btw i use this to get it on your pod -> bit.ly/LBy2FK?=pkzeo

  24. Jeffieboi says:

    Um….no doubt has been around for like 20 years. You’ve never heard of the songs “Spider Webs” “Don’t Speak” “It’s My Life” “I’m Just? A Girl”, etc?

  25. LittleMonstersPaws says:

    I LOVE Gaga don’t get me wrong but I loved No Doubt before Gaga even spoke of them? xD

  26. OhCaitlyn says:

    As a huge Gaga fan, this is a complete embarrassment….?

  27. alychica00 says:

    Gaga didn’t send me, and? this group has been HUGE!!!

  28. topbowler17 says:

    Am I the only one that hears her say “I’m hella positive? for real, I’m all good?” Instead of Im feeling positive?

  29. Friends92294 says:

    Some of you are cracking me up right now! You do know No Doubt has been around for? a LONG time, right? Seriously. Their first single came out in the early 90s…hahahaha!

  30. Friends92294 says:

    New album comes? out in September!

  31. MasonMusso1989 says:

    sooo? are they back together or was it just for this one song?

  32. Davie Arceta says:

    It’s refreshing? to see older artist make new stuff. It’s not half bad.

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