(JSRF) Jet Set Radio Future – Playthrough (Part 37: Its Time for Noise Reduction!) HD

July 26th, 2012

With the Noise tanks running wild, its up to the GG’s to clean out the garbage in the streets! (Rokkoku police would be so grateful…) after cleanup duty, it seems Yo yo was engaged in a brawl with someone in the Sky scraper district, time to check it out!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Graphics Radio - Season 01 Episode 05: Where and How to Start Off

Please LIKE the video so that this series gets known and a LOT of underrated GFX Designers get more subs becuase they deserve it! If you want to be featured on the next episode as a speed art or as a guest, PM me! Make sure to tell us your thoughts about this about this topic in the comments below! Thanks to Kira & Mitchy for helping me out with this Episode! 🙂 Check out their channels here: Kira: www.youtube.com Mitchy : www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses

  1. raikagekillerbe says:

    it was so much? fun to take the noise tanks out awesome vid man

  2. shadow1160 says:

    excelente? 🙂

  3. cadcTV says:

    I always keep my? word (unless some real shit goes down)

    I’m glad you’re enjoying my playthrough so far ^_^

  4. emmalovemee says:

    sick video im glad u made a promise to do this good? job

  5. KraKieeGFX says:

    how do? you even get on this show i want to 🙁

  6. Dakineh says:


  7. Kaneschannel says:


  8. DrizzyFX says:

    I mean a? GFX designer

  9. DrizzyFX says:

    I hope i become a better making intros? :/

  10. BandSniipeZ says:

    wha’t is the website called that he? said at 7:25?

  11. iGraphicsCentral says:

    Have fun with? ur gf bro in italy <3333

  12. RobinFroland says:

    Robin>Vast>Kira>Malcov? No jokes.

  13. VastFx says:

    Respond to this video… maybe shorter? videos…idk

  14. KiraGFX says:

    thats? a lie

  15. VastFx says:


  16. ReaktorFX says:

    haha i love this series as background noise in my ear while im making my projects, good series,? keep posting em 😀

  17. ReaktorFX says:

    woot? woot! 😉

  18. ReaktorFX says:

    art speeded up.? you record yourself making a background or whatever in 3hours and then you compress the video to about 5 minutes in your video editor 😀

  19. xFuTz says:

    Kira, wtf 😀 – check? out my chnnel.

  20. KiraGFX says:


  21. TheJackalGFX says:

    I have a question, What exactly is a speed art, art that you make fast or art that was? speeded up.

  22. oinfinityyy says:

    I honestly love this, it is something I feel is really good, not only for the designers getting? recognition, but this helps all the designers that watch, and instead of just reading tons of stuff, we now have something to listen to, something that isn’t boring, keep up the good work.

  23. RexelyB says:


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