July 4th Pet Safety

June 30th, 2011

July 4th Pet Safety


Summer is here in Washington DC and we are spending more time with our pets outside; but with the heat and humidity, there are summer dangers that can be harmful to your pet. Whether you are taking a trip or looking forward to watching the fireworks close to home, make sure your pet feels safe. Not only is Washington DC a great place for dog walking, it is also host to the most spectacular July 4th fireworks! If you are traveling for the holiday without your pet, be sure your dog walking service knows your pet is frightened by fireworks. Sometimes these outdoor activities are startling to dogs or to any animal—the heat, loud noises, unfamiliar people, and other elements can cause stress for your pets.


Every year during the 4th of Julyholiday, Washington DC animal shelters experience an alarming upsurge in the number of strays found by animal control; these dogs are known as “July 4th dogs.” To avoid this from happening, be sure your pet has on the proper identification and, if you can, resist the urge to take your pet to a fireworks display. Instead, keep your pet indoors in a familiar are and leave a radio or TV on to keep him company—he will be happier and you will be too.


Below are some more great summer safety tips:


Beach Fun…A day at the beach is fun for you, but can be dangerous for your pet. The saltwater is not healthy for your pet to drink and, unless your pet has some shade, the hot sun and sand could be hazardous!

Don’t leave your pet alone in the car.… temperatures can reach 120 within a half hour. Dogs and cats can’t perspire and can only dispel heat by panting and through the pads of their feet. Pets that are left in hot cars can suffer from brief heat exhaustion, heat stroke, brain damage, or they can even die.

Heart-worm disease….., which is transmitted by mosquitoes, can be fatal to both dogs and cats. Other summertime threats are fleas and ticks, so use only flea and tick treatments recommended by your veterinarian. 

Plant and garden fertilizers can be deadly…. We spend more time making our yard and gardens pretty in the summertime, but remember that a lot of plant food, fertilizers, and insecticides can be fatal if your pet ingests them.

July 4th fireworks….yes, they are beautiful to watch, but a dog’s hearing is more acute than a human’s.  Some animals become nervous and try to run away from the sound and dog walking during all the evening fireworks could frighten your dog. Be alert to your dog’s sensitive ears and keep him inside the house so he can feel safe.

Water safety… now that the pools are open, don’t leave your pet alone near a pool; not all dogs are good swimmers. Be sure to rinse your dog off after he swims in a chlorinated pool and try not to let him drink the pool water because it has harmful chemicals that can bother his tummy!



So with all the summer fun going on, just keep in mind that our pets don’t enjoy the sun or the fireworks as much as we do! Enjoy your July 4th holiday with kids, fireworks, parades, ice cream and your pets!!!! 



Becky O’Neil is a pet expert and owner of Becky’s Pet Care a professional dog walking and pet sitting services provider in the Washington DC area.

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