Kanye West, Jay-Z – Otis

January 22nd, 2012

WATCH THE THRONE: Kanye West & Jay-Z – Otis © 2011 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

THE UK’S OFFICIAL NUMBER 1! The official video has now also been released (view my channel page)!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. NoToRiOusFatality says:


  2. iamlegendpleez says:

    random indian guy?? @2:34 lol

  3. MrPunchYoNuts says:

    @ulricaxcab Would? you fuck your grandmother? Would you fuck me? Fag.

  4. TheMj5detroit says:

    Remix by two young? french rappers.
    Go listen please, thanks for them 😉

  5. realityrapper says:

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    Im just gonna type it any way because i feel at least one person will,
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  6. RockAustinDXtakerRk0 says:

    @HumitoG Lmao…..Go bark? somewhere else.

  7. UrbanSkaternotreally says:

    @eastwoodditld who gave you thubs up??You? are a spam

  8. REALLIFEENT1 says:


  9. NewEditionUK says:

    listen to my version of labrinth earthquake
    im 14 check me out
    type in on youtube
    Jus? Jermaine – Whats His Name

  10. babygirlljoyce says:

    aww the two? besties..love them both

  11. HumitoG says:


  12. SCBenitez says:

    Who gives a shit…… 49ers are beating? the Giants 2morrow… #GO NINERS!!!!!!

  13. ilylac says:

    the scariest thing about? wtt is that this isn’t even the best song on it.

  14. eastwoodditld says:

    When a great song is made, I think that our planet has something else to leave behind. This is a case in point of that. I would like to share a few secrets with the world by welcoming you to my You Tube profile where you can see how I made $400? this afternoon. – JAY Z WONT HOP OFF WITH THAT? HAND

  15. raiderz44coronado says:

    hey ill keep it short ima a rapper thats just starting out if you have? the time come check me out and sub if you like it.

  16. ooohlalalaMERYLL says:

    “this is another satanic piece.” they? say. i dont know

  17. TheSleyking says:

    check out my new song “Sweet Morning”, leave some feedback..would really appreciate? it. thanks!

  18. GlenTheNoob says:

    @unklemozart yes it? is!

  19. ballsinyahmouth17 says:

    They failed at the VMA’s when the flag? dropped the wrong way.

  20. chickenman55able says:

    Wanna look as fresh as Jay or Kanye? Go to karmaloop(dot)com and use my? rep code HASHTAGSWAG for a 20% discount. They have? Supra’s and all loads of fresh stuff.

  21. fineour says:

    Omg? i totally love this song and jessie j is an amazing singer……. Also i thought katy perry sang it to. Lol

  22. 1994Falloutboy says:

    es hört sich voll nicht nach? katty perry an ..man kann ja wohl 2 verschiedene stimmen auseinander halten XD

  23. ashbil31 says:

    @xlilBURGUNDYbabex? me2

  24. PunkcrazyCP says:

    People! Why are you talking about Katy perry? So what if she was in a Version of this song? Who cares? Katy Has nothing to do with Jessie! Jessie Doesnt care what people think about her! Shes Inspirational! Look At Her Clothes. Listen? to her Lyrics. Look at her movements. Shes a Role Model to girls telling them to break free and be themselfs! Not Like Katy perry Telling girls to be wanna be’s!

    Thumps Up Jessie J Fans! We Need The World 2 Know!!!

  25. kissykryssy15 says:

    @xlilBURGUNDYbabex me too. ?

  26. harvxkieo6 says:

    When i hear this .. I thought Katy? Perry Sang this XD ! hAHAHA !

  27. dannyjpadilla says:

    Hey my friend and I just did an AWESOME cover of this? song on my channel, and it would mean the world to me if you took the time to? watch it 🙂 My friend’s an amazing singer.

  28. slipnot96 says:

    Mint Love it! My little sis loves? it 2!!

  29. Paaattiie16 says:

    hört sich an wie? Katy Perry 😮

  30. emoadik25 says:

    you did a great job? on doing the video 😀

  31. AlwinenJeffreyNL says:

    @arrianemariesy Me to!?

  32. arrianemariesy says:

    When my friend let me listen to this, I thought it was Katy? Pery’s. XD

  33. funnybunny1816 says:

    It doesnt matter if it sounds like Katy Perry… This? song is BEAST!!!!!!!:)

  34. acting4eva1 says:

    Reminds me of Katy Perry?

  35. frizzle333 says:

    I love this song this is video is? amazing togood Job

  36. CosplayWichita says:

    Best lyric video for this song, thanks for uploading! I watch this on my? phone all the time!

  37. 4glamgirls says:

    Love? her

  38. crazypurple01 says:

    i luv jessie j.? best ever

  39. jazzydoll34 says:

    she sounds? almost like Katy Perry! :O

  40. CheeriosRox says:

    like this i you? like chocolate whip pie..? 😀

  41. TapperTammy says:

    whoa? nice video(:

  42. lovepuuppy says:

    i love her?

  43. soccerstargirl24 says:

    why is the english language so complicated?? i feel so bad for people who have to learn english. i mean why do we have so many words that sound the same but meen different things? we have (their, there, and they’re) (bear, bare) (where, wear) (dear, deer) (one, won) There’s lots of other ones.? why is it so hard!!!!!!

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