Laser Target Chamber

April 16th, 2012

Check out these FM Radio images:

Laser Target Chamber
FM Radio
Image by kqedquest
These metal boxes contain elaborate optics, which use crystals to concentrate each laser down from a square foot into a beam the thickness of a human hair.

When scientists flip the switch, the combined energy of the 192 lasers will be a thousand times the strength of the entire US electrical grid — a billion, billion times the energy of a single laser pen pointer. Scientists hope it’s enough heat and pressure to achieve nuclear fusion. Credit: Bob Hirschfeld, Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Listen to the companion KQED-FM Radio piece on KQED QUEST and discuss it in the QUEST Science Blog.

Arvin AMFM Tabletop
FM Radio
Image by Whiskeygonebad
Arvin Tabletop radio AM/FM
FM not working
AM noisy, muffled with some hum.
I must check FM stage tubes and replace filter caps.
Minolta D500 flash/incand mixed light

Ranch Radio
FM Radio
Image by tbridge
95.9 FM broadcasts from downtown Ft Worth and had this awesome neon sign

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