Leona Lewis / Avicii – Collide

December 26th, 2011

Music video by Leona Lewis / Avicii performing Collide. (C) 2011 Simco Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Video Rating: 4 / 5

First they drove. Then they rapped. Now they’re dancing (to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem). But they’re not doing any old dance. They’re shuffling. And they’re doing it harder, faster and better than any hamster has ever shuffled before. Did you see their performance during the MTV VMA’s? If not, here is the encore presentation. Not only are the hamsters making a comeback; the Kia Soul, the urban crossover vehicle that started a craze is back and better than ever delivering more power and better fuel efficiency than ever before, the 2012 Kia Soul, “a new way to roll”. Learn more: www.kia.com

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35 Responses

  1. SeanNolan5 says:

    @SuperBlueboy1878 the real question is why are you even arsed? i saw people saying “leona is so underrated. i made a comment saying avicii is more underrated,? in comparison to their musical talent. your the one talkin shit lad

  2. symetricbody says:

    @SuperBlueboy1878 Well theres? a reason why Leona used the tune in her song. She disrespected Avicii by using his track, she knows where it came from shes not stupid and she didn’t bother apologizing.

  3. SuperBlueboy1878 says:

    @DJIAimAboveLegend1 What’s the fuckin US got to do? with anything?

  4. SuperBlueboy1878 says:

    @SeanNolan5 Shut? up talkin shite.Leona is a singer,Avicii is a dj.You cannot compare talent whatsoever.Why are you even arsed?.

  5. SuperBlueboy1878 says:

    @kelvynz Sadly for you she probably wouldn’t? shag you,bye!

  6. SuperBlueboy1878 says:

    @symetricbody? Really.not sure about that,why would she even be bothered who produced the music.At the end of the day he’s been credited and i’m pretty sure he’s made a lot more money than he would of otherwise.In my opinion it’s not even a good track,it’s cheesy as fuck and i don’t understand all the fuss.

  7. kelvynz says:

    id? shag her bye

  8. mandyscott3435 says:

    Improved a lot since the x factor 😛 Thumbs up if u agree? <3

  9. SeanNolan5 says:

    @MrRWJP i know this. but my point is avicii is way more underrated than leona lewis. in ratio to there talent.?

  10. MrRWJP says:

    @TheDeletor No… The backing track in this is Penguin by Avicii…

    Penguin? came first, Fade Into Darkness came afterwards.

  11. MrRWJP says:

    @SeanNolan5 No, they had to put Avicii in because that’s the agreement. Avicii was not originally asked whether he wanted Penguin to be sampled in this song.

    He agreed not to sue the hell out? of Leona and her label in return for being credited, and I presume taking some of the royalties.

  12. MrRWJP says:

    @conangvuitinh193 Penguin ->? Fade Into Darkness
    Penguin -> Collide

    Penguin came first, and sampled a piece of music called Perpetuum Mobile by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra (hence the name of the song)

  13. SAVANNAleeBUMBLEbee says:

    @charicebiggestfan hey now, i was just putting my input just like? you put yours. i personally think marry the night is a stupid and horrible song.

  14. peoniesfleur says:

    The music industry? is like the people? who threw Galileo in jail for saying that the earth revolved around the sun. Also, for many years people thought the world was flat. People are? SO? IGNORANT as far as music is concerned. They are ignorant to what? a good vibrato is and isn’t. They are ignorant about tonal quality, ignorant about many many? things. That indusry is? SO IGNORANT and her fans are ignorant.

  15. ekpp60 says:


  16. symetricbody says:

    @SuperBlueboy1878 I am pretty sure Leona knew what was going? on

  17. conangvuitinh193 says:

    fade into darkness -> penguin -> collide? ?

  18. MelancholyApples says:

    wow? she pretty

  19. SeanNolan5 says:

    @RihannaLoverr mhmm? vevo had to put avicii because they’re advertising a music video for free, and it would be illegal, but go in the shops and buy the? single. it clearly says leona lewis – collide.

  20. deejaywess says:


    I’m a 20 years old houseproducer from Croatia, and I’ve tried to get my songs out there, without any success. This may help me or not, at least you can THUMB this comment UP? so more people can discover some new fresh music.

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    and leave me a comment. This would mean so much to me!

    Peace, Wess

  21. RihannaLoverr says:

    @SeanNolan5 NO if you read the title it clearly says Leona Lewis /? Avicii Colide
    They are both underrated.

  22. Huntersinthesky says:

    Bet u didn’t know that shufflin is a great cardio and leg? workout.

  23. betty200361204 says:

    i love this? commercial!!

  24. MrFlipout99 says:

    i shuffle? every day.

  25. Michaelrwright92 says:

    Hahaha! That count as one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a? while.

  26. st3phenJC says:

    to be? continued….

  27. misslittlewildthing says:

    @Sandstorm51? they do!

  28. Sandstorm51 says:

    Lol the? robots remind me of halo

  29. NoobTv12 says:

    This is a good commercial :)?

  30. PrettyPrincess2614 says:

    Party Rock Anthem has to be the most epic? song EVER.

  31. Nkieffer000 says:

    funny but not? as good as the “Black Sheep” one

  32. hannapat101 says:

    What….what just? happened?

  33. Gamer117429 says:

    Wot Country? is the add in

  34. ash300431 says:

    So cute!!!!! :)?

  35. MobiusAdministrator says:

    Lol shuffling? equals peace in the middle east

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