Letcool Unboxing – Multiplatform Handheld Gaming Entertainment Station (4GB, AV)

February 22nd, 2012

[ wholesale.ankaka.com ] This is the white color version of ATE-N14-4G : wholesale.ankaka.com One portable game station to rule them all. The LetCool N350JP multi-platform handheld gaming entertainment station is now available for the public to enjoy! This next gen portable gaming systems is actually the third generation in recent portable game emulator advancement. In 2008 there was the Gemei X760, in 2009 the Dingoo A320, and now in 2010 we have the Letcool N350JP – the pinnacle in portable gaming and entertainment systems. The Letcool N350JP is a portable multimedia system that is optimized for the playing of old school video games as well as the enjoyment of todays most popular digital music and video formats. With this handheld gaming system you get to do all of the following anytime you want; – Play videogames from ALL THE CLASSIC GAMING SYSTEMS – Watch movies (8 file formats) – Listen to music (10 file formats) – Enjoy all your video games and movies on your TV – Do your gaming with a friend (two player support!) – Tune into your favorite FM Radio Station – Read ebooks – Take photos and view pictures – And more… Pre-loaded with a fantastic selection of its own 3D games, you can also transfer thousands of game ROM files onto it to relive joys from the past, finish games you never did complete when you were younger, or just finally enjoy those games your parents never bought you for Christmas when you were a kid. If you enjoy portable gaming and especially old
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velocidade da luz, baixa essa guarda

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  1. sonicfanatic4949 says:


  2. ankakaCOM says:

    @SirGonzer US$68.15/pcs. Pls refer to the? item link on the description for details.

  3. SirGonzer says:


  4. SirGonzer says:

    How Much Is Such A Deice Worth? Nd IIIs? There A Certain Website To Download Emulators Nd Do They Charge For The Emulators?

  5. johnwx777 says:

    So wich one is better for old console emulation? This or the Dingoo A320/330?

  6. zanucktv says:

    can u download games? in there

  7. leef0324uk says:

    How much in English ? And would dealexstreme have? any ? Very nice

  8. krone900 says:


    How do you put games into this??

  9. bigheadjesse1 says:

    Its called girls? gone wild theme

  10. Amazingchick195 says:

    hey i wonder what’s the name of? that island song was playing

  11. UltraTongas says:

    I think Dingoo is better for 10 bucks more u emulate more consoles,but well the cool thing in this is u can put two controllers..?

  12. cdguy47 says:

    hey just? letting you know your good at being found, first saw this on your site copy and pasted the product title in search bar and found this. advertising for the win

  13. voss0749 says:

    its not a psp, it doesnt claim to be a psp. Its for people who want to play older games. Id love to hear people who claim this is a “fake system” explain what exactly makes it “fake” , it has the words Letcool on the front. It doesnt claim to be? a Nintendo or a Sony product.

  14. voss0749 says:

    @technodude its not a “fake console”, its a handheld that emulates several consoles. Its not fake…I ordered one last week and I got it today. I loaded some game roms into it that I had and it does? work as it says.
    @unsung yes it does charge via usb. The charger they send you…meh…but you can use any standard usb charger. Another nice thing is that the battery is replaceable.

  15. TechnoDude147 says:

    @jordan177606 dude get a PSP? go LMAO

  16. TechnoDude147 says:

    ripoff of the: Nintendo DSi,iPod touch(camera icon),and PSP
    This is a fake console obviously,a waste of money.This is a piece of SHIT that you use it for 10 min and the LCD cracks! this shit belongs to the trash and this is embarassing!throw it to the trash.if? ppl want retro games,get the console,not this! EVEN IF IT’S PORTABLE! this will be a waste of money.

  17. downard21 says:

    Can this do? n64 gaming roms ??

  18. theultimateninja says:

    is the d-pad any good? i have a dingoo a330 and it’s kinda horrible sometimes?

  19. faelzinpjl says:

    Rogerinho zikaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  20. MrDomDevil says:

    huhuhu e? pika eles sao pika neguinho

  21. teloreis22 says:

    Xande de Pilares:Um dos maiores partideiros do Brasil!
    Parabéns? Revelação!

  22. clebvasco says:

    fenomenal os caras são de outro mundo pq se completão a harmonia nenhum grupo tem igual,sou musico também,não sou esse fã todo? de pagode mas esse grupo é incrivél de outro planeta,sei lá sem palavras,não é só por esse video é claro ,porque já fui em um show deles onde moro els são extraterrestre.sem comentarios

  23. marcelscordeiro says:

    Revelação é? Pica das Galaxias!!!!!!!!!!

  24. zunquei says:

    Esse mano do rebolo para nos de sp e tantan para os cariocas, esse cara? toca de maaaaaaais o contra tempo dele e perfeito que ate agora nao conheço outra pegada e ja estou na musica a 11 anos //

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