Lil Wayne – John (Music Video)

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13 Responses

  1. Fun4YouxD says:


  2. TheJaylier says:

    Wow this is Corney

  3. dudepunchback12 says:

    you went to far yo!

  4. Mikster7500 says:

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  5. everLove58 says:

    Doctor Who!!!!!! -3 -3 -3

  6. Booytiel says:


  7. MrJasin43 says:

    duh an ak-47 they call it that cuz it can chopp through huge threes

  8. 143sexybitches says:

    dude wen i heard the first part about a dog i got bord dam this one suckz sorry to tell you that but the truth hurts 🙁 this ——– LIL BADASS WAYNE

  9. xBestRapperAlive says:

    @MocroVan071 do u know what a chopper is ?

  10. maysjaylen says:

    if i had a time m i will go stell something from a nother duminchin and goback to my dumichin

  11. jackdewipper187 says:

    even elmo doesn’t make his face adorable

  12. perlaandivan says:

    This guy reminds me of Fry from futurama and the purple hair girl is Leela, but with two eyes. lol.

  13. bently2222 says:

    wtf nerd -.-

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