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January 13th, 2012

Logic Dropping Bars Live on the Radio
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MONSTERpwnage123 says:

    Lol DJ Boss Playa… Biggest tool name? Eva!!!!

  2. sabydaby says:

    @VHDFBFL Half of it sounds like the instrumental to Binary Star’s “Reality Check” but that in turn sounds like a Biggie sample that? I heard in some youtube video showing how Jay borrows Biggie’s lyrics.

  3. kinghodi says:

    @VHDFBFL craig mack “flava? in ya ear”

  4. narutorasengan08 says:

    Killed? it!!

  5. Mrlilmango says:


  6. VHDFBFL says:

    where can i get this instrumental???

  7. aaronschainm says:

    @ag2407? i agree, but we are talking about biggie fam………..

  8. ag2407 says:

    @aaronschainm sorry bro? it’s my opinion, the flow and wordplay was damn near flawless.

  9. EzMinu5 says:

    he went harder than big jayz and kendrick lamar. they better watch? for this kid.

  10. aaronschainm says:

    @ag2407 bite your tongue……?

  11. aaronschainm says:

    @amor49er1 duh?

  12. deleoa471 says:

    lol i swear i’m not a violent guy one upon a time i brought a super soaker to a drive by lol that? classic fist time i hear that? lyrics wow

  13. deleoa471 says:

    lol this little white boy is killing it what lmao this is going to my favorite.?

  14. dirstysmock says:


  15. ag2407 says:

    Damn! he went? harder than BIG

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