Lloyd- Dedication to my ex Clean Radio edit

December 3rd, 2011

Finally a clean version you can play in front of the youg-ins!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. heansun says:

    I thought it was bruno mars singing at first when i first head this on radio. lol!

  2. hawks22ify says:

    sounds like mj

  3. iPaulTV says:

    I totally thought it was a mix between Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. DAMN

  4. Borilla95467 says:

    the dislike bar is ,like a ninja u know its there but u cant see it

  5. cindysan81 says:

    I really like this song, I haven’t heard the dirty version yet.

  6. MegaScarface237 says:

    dedication to the clean version .

  7. JamesY2J100 says:

    why isn’t the video on here?

  8. benji4644 says:

    2222 likes 22 dislikes – this shits blowin my mind!

  9. SuperDodo4 says:

    i love this song espieciallly since its clean

  10. daking03 says:

    this version is way better then the dirty version.

  11. SupaAmi says:

    I’m not a prude, and I generally hate censorship, but I actually prefer this version… I cringe everytime he says “pussy”… dunno why, just the way he sings it…

  12. TheH3RB1E says:

    @Cris757575 Cheers boy.

  13. YesItsLivv says:

    Tried singing to this in the car, see why my mum wasn’t impressed….

  14. littleskittle101 says:

    best song ever!

  15. spacechick3000 says:

    Yeah, prefer this version as well. It is very danceable!

  16. LydiaRitter says:

    Both are good, but this one is classier, obviously.

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