Mafia Banking Cartel Blackmail Greece into Antiquities Debt Pay Off Deal 1/3

February 26th, 2012

On the Monday, January 30 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex talks with author, journalist, and former Goldman-Sachs director Nomi Prins about the MF Global scandal and the decision by the strapped Greek government to rent out the country’s antiquities in order to pay off a debt owed to international bankers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. thoostorm4 says:

    @MrStevepfi china executes their? bankers

  2. RogerLucasTango says:

    I say lets get rid of parliamentary privilege, this way stupid politicians can’t legislate stupid laws. This is how dumb parliamentary privilege is, it puts a politician who is a civil servant ABOVE the? law -so you can’t sue them. This privilege goes back to 1689 English Bill of Rights; we get rid of this and we get rid of all their power by making them responsible for all their actions.

  3. 120000000A says:

    Nomi Prins is? sexy.

  4. edarotag84 says:

    I will go work for? Alex for free, if he allows me to pop him in the back of the head every time he interrupts his guests!

  5. theoaristi53 says:

    @theoaristi53 3) Euro is unprotected from the speculators. There are so many people with PhDs in economics and none of them predicted the crisis..It doesn’t? sound right does it??
    4) Greece has lots of resources in minerals,natural gas and oil. IMF knows that we will? be unable to pay our ILLEGAL dept so they will ask our land in an exchange..The same happened in Argentina. They have sold all their government companies.

  6. theoaristi53 says:

    the crisis is a set up
    1)The corrupted Greek? politicians have increased the deficit of 2009 from 8% to 15.4%.they did it deliberately so they can bring the IMF.And even worse, they signed the? memorandum without reading it!Their excuse is that they were under pressure.
    2)The central European bank could have solved the crisis within few days.they have so much gold and by printing money, many? countries would have been in a much better situation. Instead they do nothing.They sit there and watch!

  7. sayidfas713 says:

    Thanks to Nomi Prins and Max Keiser, I no longer have to keep pursing a degree in? finance because I know everything now.

  8. JanRichardus says:

    Quit buying crap,? quit being a “consumer” chump.

  9. ReturnoftheBrotha says:

    @MrStevepfi: WHy ask questions that you know the answers to? When you people take up arms, then we know? that you are in it for more than a website membership sale and merchandise!

  10. theuncon says:

    @joshuamcneil8 don’t be so? coy

  11. jsgdk says:

    Nationalize all the? criminal banks and turn them into credit unions imo.

  12. theonewhoisntme says:

    @MrStevepfi they get away with it because too many sheeples are asleep.
    and others don’t? want to admit how bad it is

  13. joshuamcneil8 says:

    i would fuck this jew bitch in all her holes!!! till her ass is bleeding and? covered in my man sauce!!!

  14. realjoeplummer says:

    For those who need more info on how the predatory banking system operates (how it drives prices up, creates booms and busts, transfers power from the productive class? to the parasitic class, creates inescapable debt, etc.) there is a short / free book available online. (Google “Meet The System”)

  15. Mr1234563123 says:

    Bankers? “Give? them nothing!!! But take from them EVERYTHING!”.

  16. dragonwolf2008 says:

    the greeks should tell merkel and sarkozy to? pound salt, they were sold garbage , they should pay them back w/ GARBAGE!!!!! fuch the Banks, and their kind

  17. TrainWreckedx10 says:

    @BabylonsKing Hey faggot. Get off my dick and im glad my name aint worth 20 cents.. at least freedom doesnt? come with a price like yours rofl

  18. SFFfilms says:

    how? crappy is music nowadays…

  19. lDl00TTl says:

    i am scared every time if i? see my telephone

  20. maxxx4668 says:

    my 2 friends did a remix? on this

  21. maszaaaa says:

    113? going to die

  22. lDl00TTl says:

    what the? hell that was? =D

  23. BnBx4president says:

    @desktop003 HA nice trie ur right hand? cant talk..

  24. SuperAvril2008 says:

    ARE? YOU GAY????????????

  25. DigItDownCREW says:

    Very nice? !!

  26. djicecream223 says:

    720p the? bitch.

  27. ressellon says:

    you’ve? been warned ppl XD

  28. iluvpowerpuffgirlz says:

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  29. BeKuuwl says:

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  30. iloveshaytard says:

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  31. TheDaniel1364 says:

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  32. dylan6957 says:

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  33. ideadlife says:

    i blocked my hotstep mom see what things she’ll do to me? ;P

  34. VEGASCUHZ says:

    1:32 *Checks? Phone*

  35. abeezoom says:

    kill by the awesome music :D?

  36. xXRaNDleSXx says:

    So everyone? I’ve blocked Gona try and kill me fucking bring it

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  38. zeldamstr666 says:

    @lovinmababy2 I checked my phone when it rang.

  39. lovinmababy2 says:

    did anyone else go check the door when the bell? rang? i did -__-

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