Nice Music Radio photos

December 7th, 2011

A few nice Music Radio images I found:

KJET1600 AM Seattle 1980s
Music Radio
Image by luxuryluke
Insanely intense flashbacks of watching MTV videos, riding the bus to school, sleepovers, and AM Radio in general while growing up in Seattle…

You may have an idea, but you still have no idea. This is awesome for flashbacking.
KJET 1600 (1590AM)
Thanks, swinney.

Radio City Music Hall
Music Radio
Image by mag3737

radio radio
Music Radio
Image by tizzie
My grandma brought over an old Sony "Fidelity Sound" radio for some reason and I put it in the living room because it’s awesome. I wish I liked listening to radio, I’d keep it. We could gather round for a fireside chat.

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