Nice Online Radio photos

November 27th, 2011

A few nice Online Radio images I found:

Day 18.05 Zen antique
Online Radio
Image by Frerieke
Camilla and I visited IKEA and re-organized the patio. a Zen-patio so far….loving it. The house is becoming more and more me. And what I love so much of being back in NL: watching the news videos online, listening to online radio!!! and…what I love about Scheveningen: running into friends! On the street, in the supermarket. So many familiar faces in this small place.

I am missing Africa, but I know that this is the place to be for me at the moment. Great to speak to my brother so often, see old friends. Went swimming yesterday evening with 2 friends.

I am missing my father. There are moments that I sit down and just start crying thinking I will never see him again. But the crying stops soon when I think of him, I think of that he wouldn’t want to see me with tears, that he is with me and I better start enjoying life the way he did…
…it doesn’t bring him back, and I am still sad…but it helps..

Radio Paradise in a Crucial Situation
Online Radio
Image by Sonya >> ???
If you are a US resident, you are able to help to keep independent webcasters, such as Radio Paradise, available in the future by signing the online petition and open letter to the US Congress. We non-US residents will also benefit from the rescue by donating so as to remain enjoying a variety of choices via Internet radio.

Laura Sydell of NPR taping Zadi
Online Radio
Image by Steve Rhodes

Laura Sydell‘s NPR story on vlogs is online.

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