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January 1st, 2012

Some cool Online Radio images:

Jon Gordon’s Facebook Feed: MPR Fund Drive – 02/19/09
Online Radio
Image by DavidErickson
Very smart. Future Tense host Jon Gordon pitches for a Minnesota Public Radio fund drive through his Facebook status update. Read Fundraising Through Facebook Feeds.

(102/365) March 10, 2011: QR parking code
Online Radio
Image by Jason Alley
While traipsing down Cattell Street I noticed this parking sign’s QR code. Obviously, it’s not for official city business, but a parking sign or even meter with a QR code could prove helpful. It could help me remember when and where I parked with a simple scan of my phone. This QR code was for some lame online radio station:

Laura Sydell of NPR
Online Radio
Image by Steve Rhodes
Laura Sydell‘s NPR story on vlogs is online.

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