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January 3rd, 2012

Some cool Online Radio images:

Online Radio
Image by miskan
I couldn’t shoot anything outside the house today since I had a major headache today and had to come home early from work. I took 2 panadols and took a nap since I hate being awake when I have a headache. When I woke up it was evening already and I was feeling much better so I decided to install the Xbox Media Center (XBMC) on my xbox, I had heard a lot about it but didn’t know how cool it was till today. Other then the fact that I can now stream music, videos and pictures off my mac, I can also listen to online radio and even watch videos off the web. I have a whole bunch of channels including Comedy Central where I was able to watch a couple of Dave Chappelle shows the funniest being the one called "What if Bush was Black". Really funny stuff. One channel even had 12 episodes of the new show Joey for me to watch, very cool, this media center is going to start competing with my Tivo it seems. Today is Day 240 of the project, only 125 days to go.

joe a.k.a. showbiz godaddy photographer
Online Radio
Image by drewdomkus
one of our newest minions works at godaddy and was able to hang out and take photos during our stay at the godaddy radio station

Day 121_ Amsterdam no queens
Online Radio
Image by Frerieke
queens day canceled in the Netherlands …jep it even was on the news here today. That is really awful hey…an attack on the royal family.

Queensday…..reminds me of being/living in Amsterdam. Reminds me…yeah sure, first of all of Jord, secondly of all of us in the living room. geeking away. I was /am a fake one. Yannick and Matthijs definitely knew what they were doing. I started setting up my own website. 2006. already 3 years ago.

just met with 2 of the greatest podcasters (online radio on command) in South Africa. Glen from (500 listeners per show) and Jan from (30.000 listeners per day!!!) They will come and do some work with the khayelitsha students! gonna be so much fun

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