Nice Radio photos

March 16th, 2012

A few nice Radio images I found:

The Radio Dept.
Image by when i was a bird
The Radio Dept. is a terrific swedish rock band.
You’ve got to listen to them if you want to anticipate the ‘shoegazers’ revival (expected soon) !
I got this one at their gig in Paris, early 2005.

Philco AM/FM 6 tube radio
Image by russbrady22
I don’t know the model number of this radio. Ebay listing said it is from the year 1954. 54-9978 is printed on the back. Unlike the Zeniths, I couldn’t find any info on the internet on this specific model. Does anyone have any info? Please leave a comment. Full, rich sound–wonderful AM and FM reception too!

Transistor Radio
Image by Object Project
This was my Dad’s. Every boy remembers their first transistor radio. Now, every boy remembers their first iPod. You know, this looks like an iPod. Interesting.

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