Penn Point – The True Meaning of Halloween

April 4th, 2012

What is the true spirit of Halloween? Girls dressing up like sluts, of course. And candy. That’s what every holiday should be like. BE SOCIAL! Share this video! Never Miss The Point – Subscribe for Free! More episodes! Twitter Facebook Penn on Twitter Penn Point Homepage ABOUT PENN POINT Penn Point is no ordinary vlog. It’s a virtual conversation about today’s hottest topics. Penn Point brings you a front row seat to Penn Jillette’s unique and passionate point of view in a compact vlog, twice a week!
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25 Responses

  1. atyourmamashous1 says:

    why the red? finger nail?

  2. ghazzter says:

    as do I?

  3. TheSeanoftheBread says:

    Oh Penn. OOHHH PENN! Trust me, there are still people who think that Halloween is a “devil” holiday. How do I know? I live around a shit load of them. Rural southern areas are like that. Full of just… idiots. I don’t even mean Christian here, I mean they are just fucking stupid! They’ve practically banned trick-or-treating in my home town.? Radical religious nuts have some mental defect.

  4. CanwllCorfe615 says:

    Halloween! How I love Halloween. I’ve loved it? since I was a kid. I read Goosebumps, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (speaking of which, the bastards completely replaced Gammell’s unbelievable illustrations), and all kinds of ghost stories. Things haven’t changed much! It’s also kind of leeched into my taste in music, now that I enjoy Black Metal and Dark Ambient and things of the like.

  5. Im4ns says:

    Imitasi ?

  6. ArtAgainstAll says:

    Oh okay thank you. :)?

  7. SebenFusion says:

    pretty sure it means “not religious”. so if he says “It seems pretty secular” he? means “it seems pretty not religious”

  8. ArtAgainstAll says:

    Can someone please explain to me what the word secular means, because he seems to use that word a lot in this video.?

  9. ExStaticBass says:

    Nice… At least Halloween is sincere in it’s presentation. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy dressing up? like a freak sometimes…?

  10. LedZeppelinRules21 says:

    yes you are? right…ignore the troll

  11. dreamshade says:

    And yet, if I was a kid and came to a store with nestle bars for free… that’s a good candy! That’s better than the? guy who gives you peppermints!

  12. ThePhil909 says:

    jez good to hear america about time u got in th real world here n n.z wev been doing tht shit for years, we dont take it serious at all not even? the presents haha

  13. ThePhil909 says:

    he means craysh? he says cresh

  14. PassTheMarmalade1957 says:

    @Klaus1386 No, I’m a Wiccan (which is a form of Paganism.)? Wiccans celebrate Samhain (Halloween) and Yule. Look it up.

  15. Klaus1386 says:

    You are obviously a fake pagan, as Halloween is from a completely separate religion than the one “Yule” comes from, you? are just.. hilarious.

  16. VoxNeruda says:

    The True? Meaning of Nestle’s
    By enjoying Nestle’s chocolate, you and your family have participated in the global exploitation of Ivorian cocoa child slave labour.
    Bourgeois shit.

  17. PassTheMarmalade1957 says:

    I’m Pagan,? so for me, Halloween isn’t secular, but do I care that it has become secular for a lot of other people? No. Just like I don’t care that the Christians stole Christmas (Yule) as the day for celebrating Jesus’s birth. What DOES irk me is Christians who have no idea that the Bible says nothing about the actual date of Jesus’s birth, and insist that Christmas should be kept religious because it is a ‘Christian holiday.’ Who CARES? People have fun! What’s wrong with that?

  18. TheSnowyice says:

    In Japan people celebrate Christmas and they don’t care/know why we celebrate it. All they know is, “Oh look, a fat guy that gives children presents! Let’s bake a cake to celebrate.” šŸ˜€ Then they put out big posters and decorations and people dress up. Stuff like that. They don’t actually seem to realize that it was originally linked to Jesus’ birthday. It’s not even his birthday. Basically, it was a Winter holiday about a nice? guy that was born in the Spring like 2000 years ago. šŸ˜›

  19. mattshark100 says:


    If by “which makes more sense” and you are talking about a bible and a 10000 year old earth, and modern science with its rigourous application, then comparing bronze age hallucinations with modern investigation, i can only suppose the 10000 year old earth theory is totally crackpot. I’m sure most christians would agree the earth is at least a billion years old.? Young earth believers are a pretty rare breed worldwide, we have education to ensure that “thank god”. ha

  20. TheStonCarver says:

    Actually, Samhain is still celebrated by the Pagan community. It is a time to? honor departed loved ones.

  21. monkeywolf says:

    That’s the key thing to remember, the Bible is an isrealite document of their history from their eyes. It isn’t meant to objective, but subjective. Again I never said it’s 100% correct, I just said it is probably the most accurate ancient document we have to date from a historical standpoint when you take out all of the stuff dealing with? miracles.

  22. mattshark100 says:

    Well thanks for your time it’s been interesting. I apologise for any personal insult i may have made and for disagreeing with your worldview. i have plenty of examples of where the bible is historically incorrect and there are plenty where? it isn’t, i suppose some of the facts would have to be right because somebody wrote it with history in mind. The bible is full of hyperbole and skewed in favour of the isrealites, in this, it is with a grain of salt, one must take any ‘fact’ init

  23. monkeywolf says:

    Sigh? I don’t have to name one person I gave you entire channels and magazines to review like Nat Geo, History Channel, Discovery. Sorry I don’t have every Archeologist memorized -____-

  24. mattshark100 says:

    actually they do because a worldwide flood wold result in every species bottlenecking, thats fairly solid evidence, ps name someone its easy,? just wiki it.

  25. monkeywolf says:

    Lol so you name one person and you say it’s proof you are right? Again the majority of Araechologists agree with what I have said, aka look up any archaelogoist chances are they agree. Bottlenecks and genetics don’t prove a world wide flood didn’t happen. Bottlenecks are localized events inside of a population of a specific animals (like Cheetahs) and as such couldn’t be used tot race a worldwide? flood.

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