President Obama Answers Question on Legalizing Marijuana!

December 6th, 2011

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21 Responses

  1. Equestriangirl247 says:

    he is such a DICK hes laughing about “pot creating jobs and improving economy” well it can. and guess what dick face, you went against one of your campaign promises of banning horse slaughter for good, then you turn around and LEGALIZE IT AGAIN! wtf. and that sure as hell isn’t going to improve our economy what so ever….and yet you laugh in the face of something with the potential to help us. go back to where you came from osama

  2. 666GrizzlyBeast says:

    1:25 o hes making a joke. how cute hes not answering the question seriously 😀 lets all give him a round of applause to fit in and be like everyone else instead of actually being human and disagreeing

  3. 666GrizzlyBeast says:

    hemp is better then wood paper and would save forests. hemp can be used to make tons of stuff. also who would buy cigerets from the ooo idk like dozens of cigeret factories when they can buy weed which makes you feel better and getting high is (not trying to hide it) fun. sure it causes lung cancer but what thing that you smoke dousnt? thats also one downside to the seemingly unlimited positives it has. It can save lives and if legalized can endanger medical,cigerete, and maybe car corperations!

  4. 666GrizzlyBeast says:

    those of you saying pot is harmful and addictive. say it is when youve tryed it. not even in movies you see pot people shaking. thats meth. you enver see a pothead shacking or crying out for more supply. and you know what it helps treat, take away the pain, nd even cure some diseases way easier then pills and prescribed treatments can. also they really dont want to legalize it because it gets people thinking and could destroy thosands of companys. you can make cars out of hemp and the paper of

  5. TheRiderOfSteel says:

    @HammylthelHamster amen to that. i was about to say something along the exact same lines

  6. HammylthelHamster says:

    the just laugh? makes me sick that they dont take it seriously, when it is the number one domestic policy which needs changing and is wanted changing by an overwhelming majority. And blaming it on the online community? Thats just naiive and immature. legalize and crime will be reduced, and economic prosperity will result.

  7. GG4S3xTo says:

    @OverTaxed42Long You stupid, or sarcastic? Officers don’t enforce their personal beliefs, they enforce regulation and law. They were explaining why the government maintains these policies, not supporting them. I’m a pot smoking liberal, and I defend my beliefs just fine without your “you mad bro” ragging hippie rhetoric. The constitution and your rights are what they are, not what you imagine them to be. Educate yourself bro, and think before you speak. Understanding their side, helps change.

  8. GeoSnipes says:


  9. BandMuteEm says:

    write “google Ron Paul” on all your dollar bills. People still don’t know him!

  10. DoYouFeelDeath says:

    for 17 long years ive watched my dad watse away to nothing because some pompus assholes think its okay to handout oxycontin instead of pot, my dad’s cuts dont heal he has trouble sleeping normally or staying awake(he kind of just drifts off), ive seen him suffer unimaginable amounts of pain, numerous life threatening and experimental surgeries and shit i cant tell u about, he’s gonna die and its all because pot is illegal, vote for pot make the world better and save others from this fate aswell

  11. arch571332 says:

    @PringDaddyPring Hemp has a lot more uses that tobbacco. Hemp oil can be efficiently used as a renewable energy resouce, it has medicinal properties. It makes superior rope, clothing, and paper. Hemp oil makes a superior form of plastic that is biodegradable and 5 time more impact resistant than steel.
    And yes… you can also get high from it, but you dont have to smoke it.
    I think that if hemp were grown today in all states than its gdp potential would be close to 1 trillion dollars.

  12. PringDaddyPring says:

    I tend to think most people have this “glorified” view of what would happen if pot was legalized in super-capitalist company like the US… It would be totally different.. and I just find it funny how while cigarettes are more and more frowned upon, pot – which is extremely more hazardous to a person in high doses than smokes – is being made into this great thing. anyways I don’t really care either way I just think people have a silly view of the whole thing.tobacco originally grew like pot

  13. PringDaddyPring says:

    Personally I’d like to consider myself rational when it comes to pot legalization.. First off, if pot was legalized, the amount of chemicals that would be shoved into it a-la cigarettes would be enough to turn you off.. It would be a billion dollar industry that would become absolutely NO different than cigarettes… It WOULD become addictive whether you want to admit it or not.

  14. opszanski says:

    They should change this title to:

    “Obama Uses Straw Man Argument Against Marijuana”

  15. fastandboolbous says:

    anyone who thought he would make a change was just desperate. just cuz hes black? hello fellas, thats is positive rasicm. but the worst is.. the bundeskanzler from germany follows obamas example. she startet an online voting for the most popular questions, and i think if the legalizing question comes up, she will exactly react like obama -.-

  16. Woodawesome says:

    He didnt answer the question. The question was would it help not do you think thats a good strategy.

  17. IXxAmplifiedxX says:

    The war on drugs is stupid, but our government fails to see that. Its like declaring war on flowers. Its an inanimate object. Its wasting millions of dollars, and for what? For putting innocent people behind bars for smoking a plant? The government already know the facts. It hasn’t harmed anyone. The medical marijuana industries are doing perfectly fine. Do they even consider the possibilites? No. They make a joke out of it. What if we made a joke of the war overseas? Then see how that’ll be.

  18. Deevaju says:

    fuck you obama !!!!

  19. dmagwaza says:

    If you want to know what Obama’s opinion is on this or any other issue, find out what the majority of financial institutions think. That should give you an accurate reflection of his mindset.

  20. TheJer1963 says:

    Remember this next November. This is the president that said he would not use Federal resources to shut down the medical shops and now he is doing that very thing.
    Vote for anyone you like, just not Obama.

  21. gloxkk says:

    wow. fuck you obama. i believed in u too.

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