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January 26th, 2012

Question by laldh: radio stations in washington?
i’m doing some research and i’m trying to find out what the top rated radio stations are in washington dc. in other words, what type of music or artists are hot?? any help/advice/imput would be appreciated… thank you!

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Answer by radiosgreatest
The Aribtron Ratings Can Show You Everything
Here is the Ratings List From Arbitron (in order from most listened to) :

WPGC-FM Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio
WMMJ-FM Urban Adult Contemporary
WHUR-FM Urban Adult Contemporary
WASH-FM Adult Contemporary
WGMS-FM Classical
WKYS-FM Urban Contemporary
WMAL-AM News Talk Information
WTOP-AM @ All News
WWDC-FM Alternative
WIHT-FM Pop Contemporary Hit Radio
WJZW-FM New AC (NAC)/Smooth Jazz
WMZQ-FM Country
WJFK-FM Talk/Personality
WBIG-FM Oldies
WLZL-FM Spanish Tropical
WRQX-FM Hot Adult Contemporary
WTOP-FM @ All News
WTEM-AM All Sports
WARW-FM Classic Rock
WWZZ-FM @ Hot Adult Contemporary
WFRE-FM Country
WAVA-FM Contemporary Christian
WKDL-AM Mexican Regional
WBZS-FM @ Spanish Contemporary
WPGC-AM Gospel
WTNT-AM Talk/Personality
WFLS-FM Country
WOL-AM News Talk Information
WYCB-AM Gospel
WBQB-FM Hot Adult Contemporary
WIYY-FM Active Rock
WWRC-AM Talk/Personality
WBPS-FM @ Spanish Contemporary
WWVZ-FM @ Hot Adult Contemporary
WACA-AM Spanish Contemporary
WAFY-FM Adult Contemporary
WERQ-FM Urban Contemporary
WFMD-AM News Talk Information
WILC-AM Spanish Contemporary
WINC-FM Hot Adult Contemporary
WWEG-FM Classic Hits

@Simulcasting partners for Fall 2005: WBPS-FM with WBZS-FM, WTOP-AM with WTOP-FM, WWVZ-FM with WWZZ-FM.

This is the complete List on ALl the stations that made it to the Arbitron List

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