Radio Killed the Vaudeville Star

March 18th, 2012

A few nice Radio images I found:

Radio Killed the Vaudeville Star
Image by Olivander
For those who are into old radios (waves to Kevin), this is a 1939 Silvertone Model 6356. Silvertone was a Sears brand name; the radios themselves were made by a number of companies, including Colonial Radio, Stewart-Warner, Detrola, and Arvin.

Fun fact: the Silvertone brand name supposedly originated with a Conley Camera Co craftsman named Silver (Conley also made phonographs for Sears; Mr Silver designed the tone arms). The sound quality he was able to achieve was supposedly so good that the "Silver tone" became synonymous with an excellent radio or phonograph.

BBC iPlayer Radio
Image by Roo Reynolds
Fans of Listen Again will have noticed that it’s all gone black-and-pink, and rebranded itself ‘iPlayer’. Here’s a link to their explanation, which says we should "watch out for further changes over the coming months".


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