Rajnikanth Style Fielding [MalluFmRadio.Com]

January 10th, 2012

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18 Responses

  1. Venkatesh2k2 says:


  2. ThePunya123 says:

    bhen? ka loda lgta han ajanta mendis

  3. ThePunya123 says:

    main ajanta mendis ki gand? tor dunga!

  4. 2323hl says:

    this? guy should be the new rajini

  5. hazzy221 says:

    Angelo Mathews Of Srilanka !?

  6. jasamsehar says:

    What if Rajni was the bowler?? The ball where tipped would have gone inside the pitch 100 meters and then come back where the stumps were situated… the batsman would have clean earth bowled…

  7. iiiiHunKiiii says:

    1000 LIKE !
    If it was Rajni ,? he would have thrown the ball into batsmen’s ball !

  8. TheMusshu says:

    By The? Way !!! Did West Indies Win ???

  9. tamanrattan14 says:

    The catchers name MATHEWS

  10. Ciyanem says:

    @tenzindudoul? hahah..

  11. kapil1ly4u says:

    Rajnikant? will never drop such simple catch.

  12. mayasriranga says:

    just making cricket? as circus….this rule is shit..a ball man can play better with 6 balls at d same time…… 🙁

  13. syerrams says:

    By rule its not 6 by principle it? is 6

  14. nikred says:

    @ajayparmar904 ummm……No. You can’t create your own? laws.

  15. lankanforever says:

    For all who says this is six
    0.05 He is INSIDE the field when he touches the ball for the first time. So the comments like “He was outside the field of play and timed his jump” or “One could stay in the stand and stop a six” are invalid.
    If you know cricket even with the new laws? this should not be a six since first contact with the ball was made inside the ground. So after that you can do practically anything with the ball without touching the ground outside the rope WITH BALL IN YOUR HAND.

  16. ajayparmar904 says:

    @donacyril2: the ball had visibly cleared the boundary…and fielder has to save boundary by remaining inside? the boundary

  17. toughsofty1981 says:

    @ajayparmar904 Ummmmmm . . . . . . . WHY????

  18. iiiiHunKiiii says:

    He passed it someone else in between.Watch? the whole clip on YouTube again.
    I remember this match perfectly!

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