Red Ice Radio – Jim Marrs – Trillion-Dollar Bailout Conspiracy, American Revolutions & Wikileaks

April 21st, 2012

Jim Marrs is a former newspaper journalist and a best-selling author with focus on conspiracies and cover-ups. He’s written “Crossfire”, “Alien Agenda”, “Rule by Secrecy” and “The Terror Conspiracy”. His latest books are “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” and “The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy”. In this program we pan across the geopolitical spectrum and discuss zombie banks, how trillions of dollars went down the drain in bailouts, the history of the United States and the emerging global socialist dictatorship. We also talk about the Wikileaks distraction, Julin Assange, the control of the media and the attempts to control the internet. The TSA are now terrorizing Americans and visiting tourists, haven’t the so called “terrorists” achieved their objective? Topics discussed: US tax dollars, the creation of money, power, Benjamin Franklin, American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Knights of the Golden Circle, American Civil War, Financial Stability Board, socializing the banking system, charity & help, corporate control of the media, Wikileaks, Julian Assange, control of the Internet and more.
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  1. Zophim314 says:

    The “Evil” part of socialism is the part where it is forced on people who don’t want it, and is then used as a “justification” for statutes that criminalize things that are not criminal under common law.?

  2. Vex916T says:

    Your name and understanding of it is an absolute farce? in contrast to your comments, you don’t get Heidegger, especially if you agree with any form of socialism or collectivsm or any form of -isms. Jim Marrs has done his research… have you?! FYI the Nazis were fascists (big difference there where Jordan Maxwell can elaborate the Latin meaning behind it more for you) and Canadian socialism is straight a branch off from Britains own, which is a cover up for mass control.

  3. Greenhornet270 says:

    Jim Marrs…a Giant in his own time…God Bless you? Jim!!

  4. blazestudios23 says:

    It’s Corporate Socialism that is? the problem that is a system where profits are privatized and losses are socialized. That is what he is referring to. If businesses can make it the tax payer pay for it but programs for the people like Social Security are cut.

  5. spiritech999 says:

    Marrs’ version of the American Civil War is unique. Linking Lincoln and Kennedy with monetary policy and foreign controllers is too convenient. The idea that The American Experience was undermined by Secret Societies as a means to derail a script economy is somewhat paradoxical.

    The range of immigrants to America were? largely Northern and Southern Europeans of Catholic and Christian extraction. The Christian Brotherhood is antagonistic: Christians have killed more Christians than anyone else.

  6. ShinEmperor says:

    I agree. Noam Chomsky covers that topic very well. From a very human non-fear mongering perspective. My issue with MANY commentators, is that they use WAY too much fear and dehumanize at every opportunity. “Socialism”, “Zionism”, “Terrorist”… you name it.. they’re words engineered to dehumanize humans.. words that create the illusion of separation between all humans. Divide and Conquer.. as long as people buy into theories of “differences” they buy? into the madness. Period.

  7. Stagnant197 says:

    Was thinking the same thing. Norway is very similar to Canada, and has been under socialism since the war, and there`s a 71% tax rate here for people making more than 400 000 kr, or roughly 30 000 dollars. these are? not rich people, but above this you lose money the more you work. the perfect income in Norway is therefore 399 000 kr, all above this is stolen by the state, for substandard services of all kinds.

  8. GordosMama1111 says:

    one more thought. i am sorry i am not trying to be argumentative or rude. i just have to explain this stuff to so many people. usually (in person) its much easier and people do “get it”. education is wonderful, as long? as we are being educated in something worth being taught. the old ways dont work. so why keep it up? i was forced into a DARE program in 5th grade. talk about brainwashing. why would you need car ins if cars were built to not crash as they COULD be? watch Future by Design.

  9. sapdeis says:

    Communism doesn’t work for a country unless you have another country pay for it. That’s why we’ve as a nation have been supporting russia and china for years.

    If the vietnam wars was to STOP communism, then why do we pay billions to support it? That war was to get rid of the indigenous people of vietnam. A people that are able to live off the land dont need their system? of control. They couldn’t be controlled so that went the way of the native american.

  10. MisterDJLovesUFOs says:

    The idea of free education in itself isn’t “evil” but when what children (and even college students) are taught is unproven, unprovable, or even genuinely untrue, it has a very evil effect on the general intelligence of our population.
    When I refer to the education? system teaching questionable material I would cite mainly my own experiences as a student of History and Geology in which there is very little progression of the subject because theories are held so dogmatically.

  11. BloodNorseGods says:

    you want to hear the revolt go to liberty news radio listen to their podcast especially the? medical conspiracy, or accent radio news or join the Texas Nationalist movement, do you know that the Federal government owes texas 300 billion dollars, and that tx is the 10th largest economy in the world, so why would the fed be attacking texas farms and texans. the revolt will not be tvod

  12. petmycatwiththose says:

    This? is so true…

  13. Sexylady1999999974 says:

    We have to understand that this is not “Real Money” that they are giving to us or rather loaning us.? The company’s you work for pay you with a check and in turn you get a promisory note (promise to pay note) that you think is real money. All the while, the government has sold our birth certificates to some other country and our labor is being bought and sold on the stock market. WE ARE SLAVES with a few benefits. lol!!! This BEAST is hilarious…and F@#$in SMART.

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