February 2nd, 2012

The Republican establishment, spearheaded by neo-con talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, are once again party to an orchestrated hoax as part of an effort to sideline Ron Paul by claiming he is a fringe candidate even as his success in national polls prove he is a powerful front runner for the 2012 presidential election. During a recent monologue on his radio show, Limbaugh, who once admitted that he was a water carrier for the Republican Party, claimed that Ron Paul would destroy the GOP, and that Paul’s supporters were “nuts on parade”. Not only has Ron Paul received more than double the amount of donations from active duty military personnel than all of the other Republican candidates combined, he has also raised more money from the troops than President Obama himself. By characterizing Ron Paul supporters as “nuts on parade,” Limbaugh has simultaneously insulted the thousands of US troops he routinely claims to support. The Texan Congressman’s recent success in nationwide polls underscores how promising his chances are as we approach the height of the election season, a prospect that has the establishment running scared. – According to numerous different polls, Paul romped to victory in Thursday’s presidential debate in Iowa. He received more than triple the number of votes garnered by runner-up Newt Gingrich, according to a Fox News poll which was later pulled from the Fox News website. – The Washington Post speculates that Paul could win the key Ames straw poll this

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  1. teiasoserevi says:

    @KingDingaLing090 Oh, that sucks. I think what he means? is that he’s heard of what he’s said, he just doesn’t acknowledge it because it’s biased.

  2. KingDingaLing090 says:

    @teiasoserevi Because my P board is fucked up. ?

  3. teiasoserevi says:

    @KingDingaLing090 why? would you burn ants?

  4. 2hot4u2take says:

    rush who? rush don’t like ron paul because rush is a wealthy fat cat with investments in the system of things that are currently set in place. RON PAUL will change all that and restore the American monetary system back to the way it should be. WITHOUT THE FED AND THE IRS. IF WE’RE LUCKY..this dog fight between newt and romney will drive voters into the arms of Ron Paul’s? camp.

  5. JohnnyV123 says:

    Ron Paul makes me remember why I’m a conservative after so many? Republican politicians seemed to forget what that means.

  6. L0OOOooooOOOOOOOOL says:

    JOIN the WORLDWIDE BOYCOTT on February 18th & 19th.
    Don’t log in on those Days and make ALL videos private, as YouTube relies
    heavily? on advertizing revenues and if we ALL DO THIS TOGETHER they will
    loose out big time…help spread the word

  7. L0OOOooooOOOOOOOOL says:

    Main stream media is a 247 worldwide bigot making propoganda machine.
    No ONE controls internet but thats why SOPAPIPAACTA is coming.
    ZuffaUFC supports SOPA.
    Youtube citizen tube “news” is against Ron Paul.
    TYT (AL GORE) has turned against Ron Paul.
    TSA = Team Sexual Assault. Please look at S.510 If you grow vegetables you are a terrorist in America.
    People all over the world support the good doctor.
    obama sold out. ?
    END THE WARS. Ron Paul for president? please.

  8. rocknhdsocal says:

    Man1 He keeps knocking them out of the park! All he wants is to address? the issues at hand and solving them. Hopefully we can go back to an open discussions between the president and U.S. citizens!

  9. Vindigary says:

    Fuckin A.? Ron Paul is the Boss!!! I love how Ron Paul doesn’t let this douche bag control the conversation. Let’s talk about the real issues.

  10. KingDingaLing090 says:

    “I don’t pay any attention to Rush…He never said hardly boo against George Bush.”
    How does Paul know that if he? doesnt ay attention to him? Liar liar ants on fire.

  11. MrTex1987 says:

    Rush needs to smoke some pot….so do I after watching this…hes so disrespectful. Ron Paul is a? doctor a war vet and has more experience in his big toe than Rush has in his whole body. If Dr. Paul is another one of these presidents that wont do shit unless its the worst idea possible than hes got me fooled….I think its worth the risk anyway…he has zero rehtoric when he speaks and he makes everyone I dont like uncomfortable. I think thats a good quality in a presidential candidate.

  12. divanola says:

    listening to Rush /Savage/Hannity has been proven to kill brain cells……Rush”nuts on parade” who told us Bush was the real deal conservative, who called us racists for wanting to kill the Dubai ports deal…..what’s wrong, Rush…didn’t Dr. Paul write you a scrip for Oxy??

  13. circa1970 says:

    It is truthly scary that the media ignores and bashes Ron Paul, because what are they actually telling us about everything…..actually what? are they NOT telling us. It is sad and angers me, they try and confuse you into think only A and B exist and nothing else is there

  14. surfn123 says:

    Ron Paul? makes too much sense.

    It’s a good thing the Goyim is still asleep. Sleep sheeple sleep.

  15. StopTheMorons says:

    This is true, but unfortunately when all is said and done Michael Savage wears Limbaugh’s shoes when it comes to trashing Ron Paul for no? good reason.

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