Sabrina Washington ‘OMG’ Lyrics Video

February 12th, 2012

Sabrina Washington ‘OMG’ With Lyrics

WASHINGTON, DC – Former Unity University owner and president, Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, comments on ESAT how conditions in Ethiopia are growing from bad to worse with each passing year, and the major factor for it is the dictatorial regime of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

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  1. Propofol98 says:

    amazing? shit

  2. BartekAndMati says:

    yeah!? It,s beautyful (przepraszam za b??dy ort.)

  3. smiley7347l says:

    omg cool?

  4. SelykaBD says:

    C’est trop? bien 😉

  5. TheAnnRol says:

    i love it!! I can hear it all? the time 😀

  6. anglena17 says:

    i? love the song i make in youtube a vido

  7. 0000tygrysek0000 says:

    lovciam? ;*

  8. piatawodapokisielu says:

    witajcie? rodacy ^^
    wakacyjnaaaaa piosenka 😉

  9. pianoman74 says:

    …but the sampled o-o-ohs could have been taken directly from 1986 (somewhere? in between Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait” and Stacey Q)

  10. pianoman74 says:

    eurodance meets R&B? … clever idea

  11. michcioo95 says:

    zzzaaajjjeeebbbiiissstteee !!!?

  12. mlodzizna13 says:

    Pierwszy raz to s?ucham, a ju? mi si?? podoba . . xD

  13. WyLaNsOwanaa1990 says:

    pozdrowienia z Polski? ;D

  14. janusz7003 says:

    @cyckarz TAk. Pozdrowienia:)?

  15. cyckarz says:

    @janusz7003? Polak zawsze si? wyrózni ;p

  16. Marlina941 says:

    ok? thank you

  17. QYD1000 says:

    just? say GOD! everyone else does!

  18. KRAZYKEMIST017 says:

    @Marlina941 Windows movie? maker

  19. Marlina941 says:

    @mystery123person and how did you made it
    i dont know to make songs? with lyric

  20. Indiana12301 says:

    Super? ;**

  21. Sylwunia2107 says:

    Bardzo fajna :)?

  22. siditek123 says:


  23. louisbrassyyy says:

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  24. Shanko12 says:

    Sorry Dr. I am proud of you what you did and try to do. However if we want to see a change in that country Melese/TPLF has to? go, if anyone think there will be progress in that country under Melese that person has to see a doctor. He is singly killed that nation.

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