Samsung Galaxy S 2 Built-In Apps

November 23rd, 2011

Learn more here: There are several hubs that Samsung has added to the Galaxy S 2: Reader (to allow you to access magazine, book, and magazine content), Game (for suggestions on high quality games), Music (for Samsung’s iTunes-like for-pay music service), and Social (to help aggregate all social networking accounts in one place). Beyond the hubs, we get a file explorer, a fantastic voice command application powered by Vlingo, a photo and video editor, an FM radio app, Polaris Office to help manage documents, and even a Samsung app store, which has a very limited selection. There’s also a really cool Kies Air application that lets you remotely manage your phone from a browser as long as you are over the same network. Kies Air is like a local version of Website: Facebook Twitter:

Pieter T’s latest single “Let you Go” Director – Greg Buckley DOP – Scott Kelso Editor – Aidan Manchester Camera Op’s – Ben O’Hanlan / Allan George Gaffer – Ben O’Hanlan Grip – Dan Lane Makeup and Styling – Kelly Isherwood Big thanks to Occidental / Veolia transport / Grace Hobson / Courtney Spence and Kog Studios
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. QuilavaFire says:

    @nebberknekker hehehehe

  2. nebberknekker says:

    @QuilavaFire hva ?

  3. 27darshpatel says:

    Came across this android app called ” Link My world “, just the perfect app… A must for android ppl 🙂 Its free also 🙂 🙂

  4. qcampbell123 says:

    @MrBigbri29 are you fucking retarded or something?

  5. bluepeas510 says:

    Not all these apps are the same on all Samsung Galaxy S2 mobiles, all. Depends on your carrier and which country the ph was bought. Also, many of Samsungs apps are also available for your pc! Go to SamsungApps official site. I wish YouTube would CATCH UP and allow us to include links one day soon, smfh

  6. luxurylove86 says:

    iPhone FANBOYS!! Android devices are about to own your iphones. just wait til IceCream Sandwich come out!! :p

  7. killdeslm says:

    @jcho0404 theres plenty of ways to get (around) flash on ios

  8. vanelkp says:

    vo compra mt certo

  9. QuilavaFire says:

    i thiiiink i shaw norway in the news stuff in readers hub

  10. a7chemist says:

    wait. how does the phone have flash? steve(peace be upon him) told me it wasnt possible.

  11. cronus6282 says:

    i can download music videos movies apps for free using my pc and i can transfer them all to galaxy phone by a bluetooth which you cant do on a iphone.

  12. cronus6282 says:

    @kaylz59 check out there are lots of free apps for s2 and android phone and all java phone except iphone phone injoy.

  13. xibbox says:

    @jcho0404 wait what, IT HAS ADOBE FLASH???

  14. NickKeeks says:

    @MrBigbri29 Ok thats all true except for the fact that cocaine isn’t a hyper-activity drug. There aren’t really any illegal HA drugs. Except maybe PCP…

  15. LoveGod16 says:

    @jcho0404: there is something called jailbreak dumbass, i have all the apps i want without paying shit

  16. ineedhack2 says:

    the only thing i hate about galaxy s2 is this word
    feels cheep and so not cool >.>

  17. DeMo571 says:


  18. EmuTime2 says:

    International version vs. USA version? Please help!

  19. Ninjadude973 says:

    @jcho0404 Sorry, but the flash isn’t comparable to the app store. I have both an ios and Android device, and the flash player does come in handy, but the app store has way better exclusives than the Android Market. Namely Infinity Blade, which I wish I could play on my Droid 3 🙁

  20. kaylz59 says:

    i want a samsung galaxy s2 but when i get one can i get free apps ? and where would i get them from ?

  21. realrasta1992 says:

    where i can download free apps for ma galaxy s 2….

  22. lukyluke993 says:

    Sorry but the Samsung App Store is good because Samsung gave an update for the camera

  23. lockedabout says:

    @zoologicalnick hahaha sometimes XD

  24. missbeksta4life says:

    mean talent

  25. o0HoLLa0o says:

    didnt think it was a kiwi song its pretty awesome

  26. 50janga says:

    actually really like it lol

  27. 50janga says:

    Hardout topic to sing about, not usually commercial. like it

  28. RiannaBaby1 says:

    Pieter T is the MAN !

  29. Piata25 says:

    Who the heck is that ONE out of 321 that disliked this sonqq???

  30. Shaggymiss says:

    he’s such a cutey 😀 awesome singer 😛

  31. jeylahh says:

    pieter t is my fav cousin shut the fuck up bitches! 😛

  32. liyah1116 says:

    that girl looks like the girl on night of your lIFE?!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
    and she reminds me of melina off wrestling lol

  33. liyah1116 says:

    @AyngelGurl already did as soon as it came out =)

  34. liyah1116 says:

    that girl looks like the girl on night of your lIFE?!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  35. Shaggymiss says:

    he’s a cutey!! 😀 ‘..mwah’ :*

  36. nuwave71 says:

    ‘O’ 4 Orsome Kiwi Talent, Love the smooth beats with the RNB vibe,great music
    from a ”Great New Musician” Keep up the hard work PETE, love this track…….You gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BOI!

  37. peat97 says:

    woow this sond is beautiful <33

  38. benji4554 says:

    lol at 4:02

  39. stilettoz says:

    damn he is so sexy! i love this song!

  40. SymmerBreeze says:

    what ever your just jelly so what your on… i dont know ae.. you must be retarded!!! seriously!!

  41. SymmerBreeze says:

    this guy is the mann… hes come from a long way and look where he is at now!!! you are my idol peiter t your the mahn

  42. 3393Dani says:

    Someone have the lyrics from this song?

  43. DiSlykstaG says:

    Yuh r soooo awesum!! New Zealand Music WAAAAATTTTTT!!!:D

  44. TheMissJiigz says:

    He actually looks like he’s going to cry ! 🙁
    I’m feeling this song !

  45. brownskinqurlz says:

    `damm . pieter t is so finee . specially when he sings [= hehe . love his voice ! keep it uup . x

  46. moala100 says:


  47. wherored says:

    j. willz.. pretty boy. can dance. can sing, BUT his songs dont make sense….hes a fuckin fob and he is arrogant..

    Pieter t..better singer better songs and hes down to earth… needs to stop making his jaw move like that..

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