Softball player carried around bases by opponents

December 24th, 2011

The footage was taken by Sue Wallin, a parent at the game. Sara Tucholsky of Western Oregon is up to bat against Central Washington. The video picks up as Tucholsky hits her first ever – in her life – home run. Just past 1st base, she tears a ligament in her knee and is unable to run any further. The umpires state that if her teammates or coaches assist her she will be declared out and if a pinch runner is substitued for her, her homer will be declared a single. Hearing this, Central Washington’s Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace offer to carry her around the bases. Thus ends Tucholsky’s softball season and career.
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  1. arizenzei says:

    simply incredible. thank you for sharing.? =)

  2. aldogukguk says:

    i am a captain and a manager of a local softball league and if the same situation happens in our game, we will do the same , keeping quiet and hpe for a lucky win would be the greater disgrace and i am sure the team will? be boycotted in any league series ..hurray for the fielders , this is their win ..

  3. HighPitchEricc says:

    You missed all? the footage. Dummys

  4. karaxann02 says:

    wow. i can’t believe anyone would actually step up and offer to do that. well if i had thought of that i know i would have, it being her? first ever homer. how exciting! its so sad that that ended her softball career though..

  5. webkinzSLC says:

    the mean teams we play would NEVER DO THAT…they trow gum at us cause we are the worst in the leage?

  6. lawofjude says:

    That brought tears to my eyes, that is what sports should be? about….I am not surprised it came from some young female softball players:)

  7. ThugMuffin5 says:

    Awhh.Kudos To Them.Lmao.?

  8. tuestresfat says:

    @nearzy111 baseball isn’t even a sport so no one cares.?

  9. OhioStateFreak6413 says:

    You guys rock… I hope my girls would do the same. I am sure they would! I heard your story at my kids jr. national honor society meeting. The principal? talked about you all. You are about what it is about!!! Thank you, even I forget sometimes

  10. skullfreak727 says:


  11. crew101soldia says:

    @nearzy111 No doubt.?

  12. definatefabflyy says:

    brought tears to my eyes..?

  13. nearzy111 says:

    thats why women shouldnt play? baseball

  14. JJuniorSSS says:

    yeah this is a good video i rmb? i was hitting a ball then was high ball but not home run then i was running needed slide then i slide then the oppenent help me up

  15. Taraisabeast1235 says:

    That is very good? sportsmanship 🙂

  16. whothehellisthat says:

    nice display of? sportmanship!

  17. alleyluv says:

    that was the nicest thing i’ve seen in sportsmanship!
    great job!!!!? <3

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