Ted Williams Homeless Man [Golden “Radio” Voice]

April 26th, 2012

Homeless Man interviewed on the “Early Show” on CBS. Ted Williams lost the life he had due to drugs and alcohol and became homeless but thanks to chance, destiny and being in the right place at the right time He went from being just another “homeless man” to the man with the golden voice that could be the perfect example of a radio voice if there ever was one! Erica Hill and Chris Wragge talk to Ted Williams, a homeless man with a golden voice who became a viral sensation on the internet.

1985) The music video for “Broken Wings” was directed by Oley Sassone and filmed in black & white. It features lead vocalist Richard Page driving through the desert in a classic old convertible. There is a scene of striking imagery where Page is sitting in a church when an eagle flies in through the window and lands next to him on the pew and they exchange a gaze. The full band is also featured in performance scenes during the video. Also appearing in the video are an unknown man and woman dancing Tango. They are only shown from the waist down and their faces are never seen. ___________________________________ When the first Mr. Mister album, I Wear the Face, was released in 1984, Page was offered the chance to replace Bobby Kimball as lead singer of Toto, and later was offered Peter Cetera’s place in Chicago; he refused both offers. The second album, 1985’s Welcome to the Real World, with lyrics from Page’s cousin John Lang, was the breakthrough for Mr. Mister, with three top 10 singles, two of which hit #1 on the US pop charts (most notably “Broken Wings”, which was inspired by the book of the same title by Khalil Gibran[4]). They had several #1 MTV videos and performed at the first MTV Spring Break show in 1986. Mr Mister had several Grammy Award nominations, including the 1986 Grammy for “Best Pop Band” (which was awarded to the “We Are the World” ensemble, USA for Africa). During this time, Mr. Mister toured with other popular acts including Don Henley, The Bangles
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jdhoutz says:

    well aint you special you fukin twat . ,.,,COME AT ME? BRO!

  2. jdhoutz says:

    imagine? all the niggers out there he gave head to for a rock, there thinking they got head from a celebrity?

  3. jdhoutz says:

    says who?

  4. KrazyHommie0854 says:

    Hey “@pray4thegay” don’t you have anything better to do then sit there and laugh at this man! People deserve 2nd chances correct? Yea SPEECHLESS!!!? Grow up!

  5. mundodavoz says:

    Golden? Voice!

  6. Breshaun718 says:

    president obama’s? brother

  7. slipknotrsd445 says:

    his mom? is 90 and yes i would kno ( interview )

  8. TheSchoolsOut says:

    I wish him the best of luck, his voice is awesome haha!
    I can understand how? he only lasted a week, hes a drug addict, on the streets he gathered up a few bucks daily so it wasnt even worth being dope sick anymore, but once he worked a real job for a week or so and got a nice paycheck, his addiction reminded him of what he likes most.
    I feel him, and hope he can work, make money and save it and make a better life for himself!
    Love that big grin after his first line in this clip! Hah.

  9. Annelawliet says:

    Such a very? inspiring story of success.

  10. SWARMPROJECT says:

    thumbs up If you want him to appear on? radio stations in the next GTA : )

  11. tristaarox says:

    if you were raised in that situation, you would be just the same. not to mention he only lied to protect himself because nobody wants to go homeless. i know what you mean because IT WAS his decision to do so, not to mention people who support prolly dont believe that, so ndont? judge them and “laugh” about because everyone deserves more than one chance. not to mention, you shouldnt be calling them “suckers” because you dont know them, and dont judge them by what the believe in,

  12. BigO161107 says:

    there is talent, and theres justin? bieber…

  13. Wtorres996 says:

    people are like i knew you were gana make it? u ow me 20 bucks for that front 2 years ago

  14. 0b1kenobe says:


    Let? he who is free of sin throw the first rock and I shall smoketh it.

    shame on you ”@pray4thegay”, maybe you should start by praying for your soul .

  15. yuhichiro says:

    If he really is an ex-convict he really had changed… i sense his sincerity in? his every word

  16. Netoxifyed says:

    it is? touching ; )

  17. pray4theGay says:

    This guy is? a total scum bag. He has been arrested for theft, forgery, escape, drugs, robbery, etc. has fathered many children then did not support them. He was just picked up by police again for causing a disturbance and punching his sister and this was just 2 days ago. Now he has admitted he lied and has not really been sober for 2 years. I have to laugh at the suckers that support this guy and treat him like some kind of hero. why not support a hard working guy that supports his family

  18. rajesh197333 says:

    my favourite song of all time!!!! listen to it all the time. great? video and album as well. cant beat the 80’s for music

  19. jeylohfa says:

    Hope he still looks the same ???? Beautiful face with beautiful voice ????

  20. mrmisterfan1 says:

    Yes ¡¡¡ he´s so? hot, his face is so beautiful.

  21. oinots says:

    Excelente musica. Amo os anos? 80!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  22. MrRover3500S says:

    aqharyder…..you are spot on…the ’58 was the next gen body redesign….thru ’60 called? the “squares” model

  23. sjoekiloeki says:

    One? of the best 80’s songs, probably thé best!

  24. goodanswergoodanswer says:

    @ 4:35…….nothing to say but? WOW!

  25. MsFanmail says:

    goosebump? time !

  26. dachickenpete says:

    Mr. Mister f”ing rocks


  27. LEVIAHAN says:

    THe one dislike? is from someone born in the 90`s

  28. rabbitonstilts says:

    Bring back the 80’s…?

  29. bigboyusa3 says:

    why? was the 80s so different music then now?

  30. arthurbradford says:

    Recorded on? MG-1214

  31. jeylohfa says:

    Love this song , love Richard , he? is so sexy !

  32. lovemaker1972 says:

    a big shame? this poprock group didnt made more studio albums awesome music i love this song so much

  33. themrbigbadbilly69 says:

    there is? no “evolutionary” past,GOD made us!!! and this is a good band and a geat song.

  34. g0ldbuG says:

    As referred to in the description of the knowing gaze exchanged between the lead singer and the eagle it does seem like sometimes human beings can reconnect w/ their evolutionary past as animals in this or similar ways. Maybe the Hindus are right and some of us were an animal species in a past life. ? Some of us w/ pets might experience similar phenomena of remarkable anthropomorphism.

  35. Glendale41 says:

    One of my many? favorite songs from the 80’s

  36. 36midnight says:

    And I have to? add..wonderfull singer!!!!,

  37. 36midnight says:

    I remember this one!!!.? Another great 80’s song!!!!

  38. 57opera says:

    only? memories !!!

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