THAMESIDE RADIO. london pirate RADIO. 90.2. VHF FM.

November 4th, 2011

THAMESIDE RADIO. london. pirate RADIO 90.2. VHF FM.
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This is a recording of two Recon Teams (RT’s) who are in dire straits. Both RT’s are loosing a battle wherby death is immenient. Those RT’s are: RT Colorado with Pat Mitchel being the 1-0, Lyn St. Laurent as the 1-1, and David “Lurch” Mixter as the 1-3. RT Colorado is an eight man team including the five Indigenous troops. The other was RT Hawaii with Les Dover as the 1-0, Regis Gmitter the 1-1, and John Justice the 1-2 (I believe this to be the case with this recon team as far as who was what on the team through natural progression of skills learned in combat.) May not be accurate though, reader and listener take note. Also, it is unknown to me how many Indigenous Troops made up RT Hawaii at that time. RT Colorado is the team that is running for its life. RT Hawaii is holding their own. Both RT’s have called out a “Prairie Fire” in Laos near the Ho Chi Minh Trail and are approximately 10 miles apart as the crow flies. Colorado has just been hit by a North Vietnamese platoon of 40 men who desire no more than to wipe this team completely off the face of the Earth. During this Prairie Fire, David Mixter is killed when he saves Mitchel’s life by shoving him to one side and exchanging fire with an NVA armed with an RPG. Mixter and the NVA exchange fire immediately. The NVA fires his RPG as Mixter fires his weapon. The RPG hits Mixter in the knee area and kills him instantly as the NVA drops dead by Mixter’s return Fire. 1) Plasticman John Plaster’s personal call sign while on
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  1. BenedictXIII says:

    It sounds to me as if the majority is the C&C Ships and other Birds in the Air trying to locate.
    But from what I can hear of the teams themselves they seem shit scared; I doubt you could replicate that very well.

  2. willsgotrythm42 says:

    I have lots of respect for all of you that served but blackyblackblack is right, our Govt. is the worst we’ve fucked up more countries than we’ve saved, makes me embarresed to be an american. Except for the fact that I was born here and I love the guys that have fought for me!!!!

  3. vancouverbman says:

    hey…when you invade someones country you kind of have to expect them to shoot at you… in vietnam, iraq and afganastan

  4. MarkTK36thIL says:

    @troyfunction It’s real, just do a google search for Prairie Fire and Vietnam on google. Somewhere you can find a report about what’s going before, during, and after. In short tho, these two teams were in a bad situation.

  5. troyfunction says:

    Is this real? Or does it consist of many different transmissions put together? Old recon radiooperator here, and my experince is that ppl chatter less on the coms when the brown stuff hits the fan.

  6. SkivMarine says:

    Who the hell “established” that?
    The whole reason we even started fighting over there was because we were obligated by treaty.
    Also, we were operating under what was known as the “Truman Doctrine” that called for the containment of communism.
    And to call it “imperialistic” is obviously wrong since the United States is not that sort of country. Think about it; if we are, then why don’t we own more countries around the world?
    No, you are wrong. Just like every other liberal out there.

  7. clemenza1234 says:

    it seems that jane fonda, ted turner, abby hoffman, eldridge clever and lt. dan taylor were the ones that thumbed this video down.

  8. clemenza1234 says:

    jesus……..this was scary, man….

  9. xConallMacCx says:

    Lt. Dan ?

  10. certhaltomcity says:

    What was the date/time of this incident?

  11. jak795 says:

    @dbrinkm1 were you a medic?

  12. 1234sucmycoc says:

    @dbrinkm1 god bless u for what u did

  13. 1234sucmycoc says:

    my granpa almost died in vietnam and saved himself and 13 men amd died in 2006 but he had shrapnel from an rpg in his leg and defended them from 50 congs RIP all men who died ther and god bless u all

  14. RedShadow238 says:

    @21usarmy21 Ok, we might know nothing of what it is to be in combat, to see men die and such. But you cannot claim by any means, that just because you’ve been involved in a live combat situation, you automatically, not only know the whole war intrinsically, but that gives you a premise to neglect all the rational arguments against such a war as Vietnam, which has now been established as immoral, imperialistic and murderous.

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