The 100 Best Signs At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear

March 8th, 2012

The 100 Best Signs At The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, as compiled by Midweek Politics with David Pakman is a nationally syndicated talk radio and television program. 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP http
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  1. iFlute4life says:

    Oh my sweet baby Jesus, just look? at all these extremist, dangerous, left-wing, gay nazis!! I gotta go get a picture of one of em, draw a hitler mustache on it, and protest while shouting at everyone who passes me by!! Then people will SURELY take me seriously…

  2. beesleeper says:

    Morons who say left and right are the same are hopeless. There may be insufficient difference. There is a difference. Republicans want a toxic hellscape ruled by? plutocrats, theocrats and assorted mobs of Christian fuckstains. Democrats want…to avoid conflict.
    Obama’s abandoning of Weiner was bullshit. You fucking fake Democrats make me fucking sick. I have no expectations from Republicans pieces of shit (absolutely none. They are insects. ) But to see spineless Democrats scrambling about…

  3. Eaglefly124 says:

    @gclure Totally agree- that guy made me want to cheer. My grandfather also fought, got shot down & smuggled out of Belgium. Was still friends w/family who helped him escape til his? death a couple years ago. Our WW2 vets are a treasure.

  4. gclure says:

    @Eaglefly124 i want to shake that guy’s hand. My grandfather fought for four years in the Pacific.?

  5. gclure says:

    It’s? great to see the humor out there. quite the opposite of the Hatefest of Beck’s rally.

  6. stiimuli says:

    ” I already regret choosing to carry a sign around all? day”

  7. sassybabygurl66 says:

    My teacher showed this to my class? today.. It was awesome.

  8. Diskopopjunkie says:

    Glad? to see most people on the left are just as intolerant as the right.

  9. surgeaholic says:

    Huckabee 2012?

  10. surgeaholic says:

    Glenn Beck? speaks truth

  11. surgeaholic says:

    bunch of commie protestors who? hate America and morality.

  12. imagineers0 says:

    Gosh, ? I wish I had my sign there.

    Don’t worry. He’s got it all under the troll.

  13. darkflower2 says:

    So, you guys . . . knowing what we know, how could we have let? the Republicans win so many seats this past election? What happened?

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