The Cypher

January 28th, 2012

Doing it big. FB: Twat Piece:
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  1. TeenieWp302 says:

    lmfaooooooooooooooooooo hahah this is efffffin hilariousss … can yu sayy majorr failllll
    #far from dopee? wtff?

  2. cooliobopp says:


  3. eazy7600 says:

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  4. keantay13 says:

    lo fuckin? l dj copyright that was funny

  5. universfan01 says:

    this is shit man? !!!

  6. babii929 says:

    Cookie went it!!!
    My flow Ill like someone who? is really sick!! Loooool

  7. trueVIKING16 says:

    wat was? special about the wish’s dance

  8. MLGScreenLooker says:

    paperboy killed? it

  9. DegrassiChickBrooke says:

    @sumguyhere1? Asshole, Cookie is way cooler than you.

  10. C4Gavin says:

    what? a bender

  11. sumguyhere1 says:

    cookie- im so gay have to be friends with this 3 boy and sum girls and ma sis
    pppl think im cool cuz im youtube
    ffuck i need sum special help thats y i beep out the bad word
    see all this ppl behide me we all in special ed class
    im scard to go to new york cuz im going to get shot i try to act like im coool by sagging in my vids but ppl still no repect me so every day i come home i till my mom wat happpened so the next day i noe the techers got ma back?

  12. kkhottielorvLove says:

    Lmfaooo wtf ??

  13. tyrantyoungin says:


  14. didoma73 says:

    No idea what the eff this is,? but I love it.

  15. iLOVEtheTWINS80 says:

    Can’t believe so many people like? my blondeness… lol… 🙂

  16. Maxxy926 says:

    Mippey5? on that #based ish

  17. Secrets518 says:

    Fried? pickles are delicious 🙂

  18. HeyImWillie says:

    Would you like me to make you cover? art for your show picture?

  19. iampower714 says:

    Good stuff Luke. Twizzler stole the show (aka Lady Twizzler), but please crank up the mic. Paperboy? was the video climax and funny as Bleep!

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