The Music Of The Night Andre Rieu on his violin in New York

March 20th, 2012

Andre Rieu (Holland) orchestra choir play The Music Of The Night, from the musical The Phantom of the opera, on his (Stradivarius) violin. Radio City Music Hall July 29, 2006. Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber (UK) From: New York Memories, Live at Radio City Music Hall July 29, 2006.

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  1. ellebelllieelke says:


  2. albertadepratama says:

    i’m wondering how if? andre rieu play violin with vannesa mae..

  3. emzoidschannel says:

    1 person obviously had this on mute?

  4. nch1327 says:

    Andre Rieu is an amazing violinist along with his orchestra. I did see his concert once not? long ago and it was well worth it. Outstanding presentation with the “Phantom of The Opera” which I’ve seen the Broadway show three times…never get tired of it…so beautiful.

  5. borboletatuadazul says:

    nossa maravilhozo ,? lindo !!!!!!

  6. borboletatuadazul says:

    maravilhozo !!!!
    andre rieau e maravilhozo? !!!!

  7. borboletatuadazul says:

    magestic !!!!!?

  8. pescepattate says:

    I wonder what the person that dislikes? this is his taste in music

  9. CoolHistoireBro says:

    such? a moving piece, I will never stop loving it.

  10. ashkaul33 says:

    I work for a? living, but I live for music like this. Bravo!

  11. balletlove1988 says:

    One of my? favourite pieces from my favourite musical….absolutely beautiful!

  12. twihardcentral14 says:

    love? love love <3

  13. jenjen2150happyluckp says:

    I luv this my? friend can play this so well!!!!

  14. hantran1991 says:

    such beautiful and relaxing music.
    best thing I did to prepare for my exam is listening to this? to calm myself ^^

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