The Real State of the Union

February 9th, 2012

The Schiff Report – January 25th 2012 I covered Obama’s SOTU address in more depth on my radio show at Follow me on Twitter Friend me on

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  1. FaithfreedomFFI says:

    Peter, I wish you became the president.? I read your book and you are the only person that makes sense.

  2. koboricci says:

    You lost? me when you listed “freedom” among the rigid values republicans cling to. Not that they don’t, but that the term is meaningless. What are you really trying to say?

  3. Rubberjhon says:

    The republicans do not stand for liberty, they don’t represent? the people but the corporations.

    But there is hope there is one true republica? Ron Paul!!
    Ron Paul 2012

  4. orangedac says:


    that’s what everyone i meet buying gold/silver seems to think. everyone is thinking its headed for the moon. maybe its headed higher who knows. but there comes a point in every investment where it sells off and the majority go over the waterfall? before they know it.

    i don’t know where its headed. i’m not selling my physical gold, but for now i’m not buying any more either. if i were to buy, i’d buy mining shares. they have done rather poorly compared to the metal price.

  5. drsmith963 says:

    the state of the union is the state of kaos…?

  6. IBloodSweatTears says:

    @orangedac You aint seen nothing yet in the silver market. When the dollar collapses. THEN you can say it’s getting crowded. People? are still asleep to gold and silver. Some people even think they are bubbles. But there is nothing to pop.

  7. gnaples says:

    Look obama is super smart and is trying hard. He is a? good family man, hhahahahaha- I couldnt keep going -I wouldnt hire Obama to write my lease- he seems so profoundly, unalterably stupid. Let me hear him give a 5 minute speech on some area of the law, he is supposed to be a fantastic lawyer. His explanations on all topics are on a 3rd grade level and his decision-making buttresses that.

  8. orangedac says:


    the gold & silver trade is already very crowded. too many people buying thinking its headed to the moon. the whole commodity bandwagon is very crowded. that’s why i’ve dropped out of it.

    i still keep physical gold and will do so for the rest of my life just in case i’m wrong. but i don’t think i’m going to? get rich off it.

  9. IBloodSweatTears says:

    @orangedac Secure your assets. gold & Silver. Silver is more affordable. Slowly purchase 90 percent silver coins (90 percent silver quarters, other 90% silver coins.) and American Eagle silver coins. Aswell as copper bullion. Silver & Gold mining stocks. Other secure stock investment? including agriculture (since, even if we collapse completely, we will still need to eat.)

  10. dumba55nsf says:

    Schiff-onomics? = Truth-onomics

  11. orangedac says:

    the biggest problem the economy faces is that 20% of people are in banking, government, goldman sachs, paper shuffling… basically activies that are of no real benefit to the economy and exist only on account of scamming money out of the productive economy.

    In a nutshell, that is the problem. Bernanke, for instance, needs to get a real job instead of pretending to know what ails the economy. He’s really just doing the bidding of his cronies the banks while pretending to “help” society.?

  12. orangedac says:

    the Federal Reserve is destroying my? savings and my health along with it.

  13. parkerjhansen1 says:

    @naadabindu One only has to wonder how long the Chinese worker will continue to work for a $1 per hour, one day these workers will demand better pay. How will this affect their economy? On the other? hand I don’t see how American auto-manufacturors can still afford to pay people $100k per year to work on the line…no business can survive with overpaid staff. I suppose we live in interesting times.

  14. naadabindu says:

    Love Peter. But many times the american worker is not paid to much. I dont see how american workers are supposed to compete with a third world minimum wage (globilization=cheap labor supply) and survive in an american environment. thats importing poverty. The prices rise while the worker gets squeezed for ever growing corp. profits. I know this is over-simplified, obiously there is too much distortion in the markets to begin with. hell, the profit margins are? a distortion of the markets.

  15. mrmonnet says:

    @murfdog19 Communist??? You are truly showing? your ignorance!!! Its 2012 you should know that both parties consist of the elite who want to bankrupt this country and form a one world govt. TURN FOX NEWS OFF AND PAY ATTENTION IDIOT!!!

  16. murfdog19 says:

    @mrmonnet Then go move to? China you communist!!

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