There is no sound on you tube or any similar site including online radio?

April 14th, 2012

Question by email4tariq: There is no sound on you tube or any similar site including online radio?
Hi, I am using Windows Vista on my Toshiba Satellite A205.The problem is I cannot hear any sound whenever I visit youtube or any similar sites including online radio.Sounds and volume on any other media such as CD or DVD playback is normal.
Please help.

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Answer by KevinNash1998
most likely is a network error

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  1. inukjuak90 says:

    I see questions just like yours every couple days on Yahoo about vids with NO SOUND,
    so I recently did a whole lot of Googling, searching, reading
    and poring over dozens of discussion threads and websites,
    only to realize that there are no definitive answers out there.

    The only semblance of a part-solution which kind of worked
    for a couple people would require you to either:
    1 — fool around with your “registry” (which I would be totally
    against because that could really screw up your computer);
    2 — download some utilities (which I would be just as much
    against, because that kind of stuff is what probably created
    your problem in the first place).

    Thus, my first piece of advice is to shutdown then reboot. If
    that doesn’t work, clear your “cache” of “Cookies”, “History”
    and “Temporary Internet Files”, thus making your computer
    “fresh” in YouTube’s eyes. My infamous “CHTIF” triple-cure
    has resolved hundreds of YouTubers’ problems. So why not
    yours. Please reboot after doing this:

    Internet Explorer 6:
    ? Tools ? Internet Options
    ? Delete Cookies ? OK
    ? Delete Files ? OK
    ? Clear History ? Yes
    ? OK

    Internet Explorer 7:
    ? Tools ? Internet Options ? Delete…
    ? Delete files ? Yes
    ? Delete cookies ? OK
    ? Delete history ? OK
    ? Close (browsing history window)
    ? OK

    Mozilla Firefox 3:
    ? Tools ? Clear Private Data
    [x] Browsing History
    [x] Download History
    [x] Saved Form and Search History
    [x] Cache
    [x] Cookies
    ? Clear Private Data Now

    To clear your “cache” within IE 8, Safari, or Google Chrome,
    please check out this other “Best Answer” of mine:

    If that does not do the trick, here’s some other suggestions:

    ? If this just happened to you, there’s one person on Yahoo
    who discovered their own solution by going back to the last
    video they watched that had sound. See “Additional Details”:

    ? If you’ve got “accelerators”, get rid of them because most
    of them conflict with YouTube. “Ad Block” and “Messenger”
    programs also interfere with YouTube.

    ? There could also be conflicts with other video players that
    are installed on your computer, like Windows Media Player,
    Real Player and QuickTime. Check all of their volumes, too.

    ? The newer versions of Flash are frustrating a whole bunch
    of YouTubers. Most updates are typically good for only one
    thing: software conflicts. If you are using 1 of the 8 versions
    of Flash 10 (yes, there actually are 8), you should consider
    the Asker’s comments on this other “Best Answer” of mine:

    ? Some people found success by just closing their browser
    and restarting it. A couple others rebooted, and one person
    wrote to me recently saying that everything started working
    magically again the next day with no effort on his part; thus
    your problem might just be a temporary glitch.

    If you’re able to determine the “cause” and its “cure”, could
    you please click my avatar and let me know — so that I can
    include it in my future Yahoo! Answers. One other apparent
    cause so far seems to be if you download “Torrents” music.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope that there’s something
    in my long answer that will do the trick for you.

    Here are 2 other possible solutions to videos with no sound.
    They might seem old but they both got very positive results:

    zarin denatrose . wordpress . com / 2008 / 07 / 31 / fixing – sound – firefox – vista /

    www . my digital life . info / 2007 / 08 / 15 / adobe-flash – no-sound – wavemapper-trick /

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