Tommy Chong on The Young Turks

January 23rd, 2012

Stoners tune in! The Young Turks interview Tommy Chong from “Cheech and Chong”, talking about his smoking, jail sentence and other funny stories.Hosted By Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike. Listen Live from 3-6pm PT at Clip of the day for August 21, 2006. Watch more at New TYT Network channels New TYT Facebook Page(!): Subscribe to the FREE Video Podcast on iTunes: Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews

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20 Responses

  1. youmakemelaugh99 says:

    OMG I LOVED? him in That 70’s show

  2. TheHereticjuggalo says:

    @General420smoke lol will do.? :p

  3. General420smoke says:

    @TheHereticjuggalo ye sure whatever just say your knee hurts and you get a medical? card

  4. JOKER3852 says:

    Cheech? Marin: Yo, how am I driving?
    (Tommy Chong looks around)

    Tommy Chong: I think we’re parked man.

  5. deeppurple28 says:

    Hey? look at that, healthy! Even Prisoners get to enjoy free universal Healthcare! LOL, but of course if you are a law abiding hard working American, you have to be VERY WORRIED about Pre Existing conditions! LOL! Hey do you think Prisoners are asked if they have a Pre Existing condition before they receive Tax Payer funded Socialized Medicine? LOL

  6. himaru21 says:

    Well all that? homo stuff, all that Bubba stuff: It’s not true.

    It doesn’t hurt.

  7. cushrinada says:

    I bet you? more than anything, if you were to have two 20 year olds, one drink beer, and the other smoked weed for the next 30 years, which of those two, if they did this every day for 30 years, do you think would live longer?

  8. 4atease says:

    He smoked with Bob ?! Holy shit, Tommy? Chong for President, it can’t go wrong 😀

  9. underballbutter says:

    HAHA can you imagine what a bible-thumper accidentally? stumbling on this video and seeing tommy chong and 666 likes?

  10. TheHereticjuggalo says:

    @billjoe534 Yeah? but i would need a parents signature and my dad smoke’s but he doesnt like it when i smoke cuz im ”under-aged” and because its ”illegal’ -.- fricken hipocrit. i have tried explaining to him that it’s the safest ”drug” out there and that it works great for helping me sleep and for the stress. but anyway im going to move to cali or the nearest place that sells medical weed and just live there because i really need to sleep but im not taking anymore pills. bad side effects.

  11. billjoe534 says:

    @TheHereticjuggalo yeah you can, and you don’t? need to be 18 either.

  12. TheHereticjuggalo says:

    hey im 16 and woundered when i move? to cali when im 18 can i get a weed card for insomnia? ive used weed ALOT but mostly for a stress reliever and its helped me sleep but i wounder can i get a card for it? (and yes i have records of me having sleeping problems)

  13. wherebout says:

    whats? the title song?

  14. A1FXD says:

    More proof that? our government is being run by clueless assholes.

  15. punaniswabber says:

    tommy is so? cute

  16. WiiLink89 says:

    4-20-2012 You got a job? Go on strike until they legalize cannabis! It’s the only way to get full scale recreational legalization! Be the change! All you have to do is spread the word to everyone you know and every website you visit! Start a chainmail, get pro pot organizations involved. Blog about it. Like it. Thumbs up this message everywhere you see it! Let this message snowball out of control! We are the Marijuana Nation! On? 4-20-2012 don’t go to work instead toke up and protest! WE NEED YOU

  17. rukus100821 says:

    i dont about the government and there idiotic problems but tommy chong and cheech are the? two coolest movie stars alive.

  18. ASSBANG6969 says:

    Greatestest? Actor Alive….

  19. osmmanipadmehum says:

    Who tha? fuck translates this shit??

  20. Tonyokay87 says:

    haha? nice prize.

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