March 25th, 2012

Some cool Music Radio images:

Music Radio
Image by Royal Sapien

Bob Marley and Blazing B. – Jamaica, W. I.
Music Radio
Image by Mikey G Ottawa
My Ottawa friend, B. (at left) had this framed photo hanging on his wall at home. This is a scan . . . of a polaroid . . . of a framed colour print. I took a photo of the print since B. wouldn’t let it out of his sight. Can’t blame him, I guess. The owner of the photo (B. is on the left here) didn’t say much about it . . . . a record company meeting. Bob Marley was there.

.Flickr rates these as my top 200 most interesting images HERE:

Music Radio
Image by Mauro Paolis
popmeriggio disordinato – disorder drama – biblioteca de amicis – genova

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