TYT – Extended Clip August 10, 2011

February 20th, 2012

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‘Taal’ is a classic romantic movie about Manav (Akshaye Khanna), a young and dazzling son of an NRI billionaire (Amrish Puri), who comes to Chamba (Himachal Pradesh) for the first time with his family. There he sees Mansi (Aishwarya Rai), a gifted folk singer and dancer, who flatters him with her beauty. They both fall in love eventually and commit to each other. But one day, when Mansi along with her father Tarababu (Aloknath), who is a highly respected folk singer in Chamba, visit Manav’s family in Mumbai, they are insulted and thrown out of the house. Infuriated, Mansi vows that she will become someone to reckon with in Manav’s world of ruthless materialism. Mansi meets Vikrant (Anil Kapoor), a music composer and the owner of an entertainment company. She joins him and transforms into a successful singer and dancer. Manav traces Mansi’s rise to fame and Vikrant helps her achieve it, falling in love with her in the process. Will Mansi be able to get back with Manav? Or will Vikrant be the love of her life?
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  1. cinder544 says:

    REVEALED: Nancy Pelosi Blocked Credit Card Reform While Investing Millions in Exclusive Visa Stock
    Sunday November 13, 2011 |? Wynton Hall

  2. reggiejax says:

    this idea that the london riots had something to do with some deeper resentment or political statement over the austerity measures or the bank bail outs sound reasonable at first… until you watch the videos of the actual riots with people smashing windows and walking off with merchandise boasting into the camera? “i’ve got loads of g star.” yet another case of left wing wishful thinking.

  3. wasguan says:

    the? guy onn the right sounds like bill burr

  4. Stevie68000 says:

    Jew & Federal Reserve – December 23, 1913

    Jew founders :

    1. John D Rockefeller Jr ( Banker? )

    2. Paul M Warburg ( Banker )

    3. Nelson D Aldrich ( Politician – daughter Abby marries John D Rockefeller Jr )

  5. DragAmiot says:

    letting the taliban get back into the afghan cities… is like helping a weak kid back up so you can watch him get ass-whooped by the bully again and fully document the event. The taliban own afghanistan because they were armed by the US in the 80’s so they could fight the soviets for us. That’s why they took over every other mujaheddin group and condemned their country to brainwashing via Madrasas-type schools and the most repressive and sexist regime in history.? But sure, leaving is moral…

  6. TurpentineRec says:

    Who watched the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” will understand what Sebastian? Junger is talking about

  7. MisterMolecule says:

    Let the guy on the left speak!!!?

  8. dEdGrimley says:

    Remaking movies? because people want to see them is a bit of a misconception. People see remakes because they don’t have to think of anything new. Movie remakes are the equivalent of fried butter. Just because you CAN do it and because it might sorta taste good doesn’t mean it doesn’t eventually kill you. (In this case, physically, rather than culturally. Which is what remaking things does.)

  9. dEdGrimley says:

    And Jimmy seems to not quite get what’s wrong with the ratings agencies… During the credit crisis, you needed? to have all of your financial products rated, and you had to pay to get a rating from a credit agency. There was competition within the credit rating agency field, so you’d obviously go with the company that would give you the highest rating, and you would, having to pay them anyway, pay the most to the rating that suited you best. So they effectively BOUGHT their ratings. The US can’t

  10. dEdGrimley says:

    I agree with Junger, and have for a while now – we’re in Afghanistan now fighting George Bush’s war (which he completely fucked up, and left for someone else to worry about, when it was the IMPORTANT war) because we never got to finish Charlie Wilson’s war, which Reagan fucked up.
    Don’t worry, you can still be totally lib and agree with Junger on this one, it’s still totally the Republicans fault that we’re in Afghanistan and that we even had to go? there (2001) in the first place. Reagan even.

  11. redoxin5 says:

    I just saw the “Inside Job”. Oh my god. I’m from a different country and I would love to fight these? banks and this system that is destroying our standard of living… I wish I knew how.

  12. BrockLF says:


    Yes,? that’s Paul Giilmartin formerly of TBS’ “Dinner and a Movie” and currently the host of “The Mental Illness Happy Hour” podcast.

  13. bambapabbi says:

    WHO CARES if he? farted or NOT.. SHIT….

  14. JohnSnowstorm says:

    the? most recent king kong remake with jack black is about a million times better than the original imo.

  15. tanbirism says:


  16. Kunwals says:

    What a lovelllllly movie !!!!!!!!?

  17. neelima25 says:

    I did not like the end..she should not? have gone back to him…

  18. neelima25 says:

    can anyone tell me,? the location of picturization??…its absolutely breathtaking..

  19. neelima25 says:

    aish is great dancer…?

  20. ChristoPayne says:

    how do those 2 creepy bastards always know where? he is?

  21. ericanorthman7 says:

    wow wonderful movie!

  22. dave9065 says:

    Its not mere a movie or drama, but each and every characters? and things seem to be alive, thoroughly enjoyed.

  23. iimtpragati says:

    hi nice…………………………………?

  24. navgiremahesh says:


  25. dinesh61754 says:


  26. dinesh61754 says:

    nice video

  27. MrMaggi23 says:

    i like him tal very god a? musical film

  28. MrMaggi23 says:

    Good one ?

  29. sharukodse says:


  30. gvps100 says:

    first? part enjoyable. nice music & songs.

  31. dhillonhany says:

    @arabalqis? v v gud a

  32. dheeruAgarwal says:

    dont forget to? skip the green spots!!

  33. lifesgoseon says:

    boring akshy khann? entertaining music

  34. vikashmobilepiplu says:

    @randomblossom ?

  35. randomblossom says:

    OMG such a? cliche of a ‘movie’. I actually vomited after watching it.

  36. raju301267 says:

    i like him tal very goda musical film in good lirc ?

  37. vicky70304 says:

    the 2 dislikes must be? FRENCH….. tasteless senseless people.

  38. vicky70304 says:

    its not a movie
    its a melody
    AISH and akshay rocked the film
    love u ash , it was the? first film in which u got my attraction. how pretty and delicate she is….!

  39. nitinkoul111 says:

    give her manav’s dick? in mouth…

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