TYT – Extended Clip – January 27, 2011

December 26th, 2011

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31 Responses

  1. TonyHujek says:

    that’s amazing what? a rack? on anna..fukin hot amazing vid dude

  2. brucelee9941 says:

    Niggars they are always trying to victimize there selves,its not racist he? was trying to feed the Niggars waffles and chicken that’s what they eat fuck Niggars they are apes

  3. tooproguy says:

    Credit Card Generator 2011 /watch?v=xmt-Z_Eud1w with exp? date

  4. Oldekirk says:

    what issue can be resolved in 6 minutes ? This is stupid.
    To move the pupils from class to class is dumb anyway.
    In Germany we had a home room and the teacher would come to? us.
    Only for classes such as chemistry would we move.

  5. funckytomo says:

    man… this is the whole fucking KFC, West indies, bucket of fried chicken Commercial shit again… (Australian AD)…. GET THE FUCK OVER THIS RACIAL SHIT… EVERYBODY LIKES FRIED CHICKEN.. EVERYBODY LIKES WAFFLES… EVERYBODY LOVES WATERMELON…. The more you play on this shit, the longer racism will exist… Geez America, set a fucking example for once….!!!!! Man this is the second time i’ve come across these ‘young turks’ CUNTS.. reporting on stupid shit? like this…..!!!

  6. luisalvarezable says:

    i would bang the hell out of her on a? stack of waffles

  7. ToyletGnome says:

    I don’t understand the waterwelon stereotype. Watermelon is delicious. Is it even possible to not like watermelon? What’s? the big deal?

    By the way, I’m Australian. That’s why I don’t get it.

  8. bloodystarcthulhu says:

    I? would bang her and then eat fried chicken.

  9. DevaOscura says:


  10. dapinaybanger says:

    i? wud bang the shit outta her

  11. dapinaybanger says:

    what a rack on anna..fukin? hot

  12. TheDoodlibop says:

    I didn’t even know that chicken and waffles was? soul food, so I guess I’m at a loss, right? Btw, I’m black. =

  13. bighugejake says:

    Chicken and waffles EVERY DAY OF MY? LIFE!!!!!!!

  14. Silberdachs says:

    @rifter0x0000: Thanks for the info, much appreciated. It certainly explains the seeming absence of coverage. I wonder how many others there are like? me who were completely unaware of this? Anyway, thanks for putting me straight.

  15. Thebeautiful11 says:

    Steve…doing something that you “think” black people would like is pushing? a stereotype.

  16. rifter0x0000 says:

    @Silberdachs Oh and there was a whole thing about the redefining rape thing on one of the other extended clips. There are also individual clips on it. It was? discussed several times on TYT, as were the Texas sodomy laws which were reported when republicans added it to their platform and again recently when they started actually acting on it.

  17. rifter0x0000 says:

    @xBuscopanx A lot of people are overly sensitive but it is kind of understandable given the amount of racism that exists and has reared its ugly head recently. Yes there? is a stereotype about fried chicken and watermelon but I never understood it because everyone likes those foods. Apparently chicken and waffles are popular among black people but it’s popular for everyone. There are a couple of famous actors who legend tells were so offended by being offered fried chicken for lunch they quit.

  18. rifter0x0000 says:

    @JahSpect? They have been covering egypt. check the clips in their uploads and in tytinterviews.

  19. 9mandazi9 says:

    @jaydubshow i loved TLC, i’m surprised? big show isn’t losing his sh** over losing the world heavyweight championship to daniel bryan. awesome review of an amazing pay per view.

  20. persianbunny14 says:

    it? was only five minutes because mark henry was legitimately injured btw i just suscribed

  21. CMAwesome05 says:

    Woo Woo Woo I love it. I dont know about everyone else or yourself but I’m glad DZ lost the title. For me I think Dolph needs to be in the main event picture. He has the talent and the mic skills I think him losing the US belt will push him further up the ladder to be a main eventer? or I hope thats where their going or I’m gonna be pissed. DZ of course is in my fav 5. I think Zack can be a great champion for the US belt so I’m glad he won. I just hope they dont mess Dolph Ziggler up with this

  22. AmirShiningStar says:

    Stop saying tuesday like this.?

  23. Cirrus5005 says:

    Alley-oop Bomb isn’t it? Like? Big Show’s old signature move? /watch?v=n_Mrr_04r2U

  24. GrievR18 says:


    OWNED…? great job !

  25. XzRecolz says:

    @jaydubshow sorry.

    And I actually like what you? do.

  26. jaydubshow says:

    @XzRecolz I love that you still click on them and comment! Thanks!

    BTW the apostrophe? was unnecessary.

  27. spamworld2009 says:

    @jaydubshow Dear Sir JayDub,

    Can you do a review on the aftermath of TLC, because alot of people want your opinion on Kane’s return and attack on Cena and what this will lead onto?

    I am one of you’re biggest fans and good luck on your future endeouvers.

    from yours truely,
    (For people who don’t know my name I am the executive vice president of JayDubShow fans relations and interim general manager of Wrestling Reviews)
    Just a joke, I was bored : p

  28. XzRecolz says:

    I? hate seeing your video’s everywhere…

  29. jaydubshow says:

    @6266jamal The? Dubbys are postponed until next Tuesday

  30. SuperY2jrocks says:

    @cod4modernwarfare2ex hell yeah they? will

  31. THAxTRUTH508 says:

    Hey Jaydub Mark Henry is? inj thats why his match was so short and why he lost

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