TYT – Extended Clip July 13, 2011

March 29th, 2012

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Here it finally is online, the long awaited Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2010 – the movie. We hope it will take you back to those epic moments we shared back in the July of 2010 in the lovely town of Zerkow, Poland. Do not forget the date of July 1-3, 2011 when 4th edition of our show will take place. Let this picture give you some extra boost so needed when getting ready for the upcoming season! Due to the rights of the artists whose songs were used, we’d like to stress that this film is a non-profit work and was made purely for fun and joy of possible viewers. The sponsors who supported us, did it solely to improve the quality of the cinema premiere. www.wolfsgruppe.com Soundtracks: Anno Domini Beats ft. Scarebeatz – Screwed Up Onnex + Miami Beaks – “Might Like You Better” feat. Amanda Blank The Glitch Mob – Beyond Monday Mindthings – Elle The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days Thermostatic – Make Believe
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34 Responses

  1. MegaJohnnyVegas says:

    Hey only working if found is SURVEYHELPER(.)TK strip the ( and? ) .. finaly !!!!

  2. IIIIandrew says:


  3. TopCommentsAreShit says:


  4. XDaNaDaNaX says:

    Lol July 13 is? my bday xD

  5. lolkidlol101 says:


  6. theworm1244 says:

    @VIKINGxDNA yea because the norway attack was caused by liberals and muslims. o wait… it wasnt.

    i pity youre ignorant? hate

  7. FactChecking101 says:

    I see TYT is accusing Murdoch of doing something he did not. Why doesn’t that surprise me? When has TYT ever told the truth? Don’t let the facts get in your way TYT, keep up the? lies for the sheep.

  8. JackLeDnat says:

    @GenTsoChicken1 They do! It’s called The Jimmy Dore Show and you can listen to it for? free on iTunes.

  9. VIKINGxDNA says:

    TYT , defend? the islamic faith today motherfucker.
    Go tell the people of norway what a peacefull religion islam is.
    Yeah TYT . Where are you TODAY. Why so quiet .

  10. BIGGAMEPOKER says:

    “cry uncle” is a funny phrase ,it suggests a certain feminism/matriarchat that the funny part of society is men ,cuz in my language? those jokes are ALWAYS women ,like my aunt ,or whatever

  11. blakendecker says:

    Wow! Some real? political analyst heavyweights here. I’d rather listen to my Uncle Irving’s 314th recount of how it was in the 60’s to catch rabbits with a toothbrush.

  12. ChemicalChrisOttawa says:

    @ChemicalChrisOttawa at least he speaks the truth on? Ms Bachmanns husband, mega gay!

  13. ChemicalChrisOttawa says:

    ‘papa bear’ O’reilly? is reprehensible! Evil!

  14. gussiejives says:

    It’s TV’s? Frank! Woot!

  15. DungbeetleXL5000 says:

    the explanation of the corporations buying the news? to keep the media out of their business needs to be repeated and repeated again and again until the american idiots wake the F up

  16. stevomil says:

    This is BY FAR the best replacement/sub for cenk. PLEASE let them come back. ?

  17. OxbowisaMstie says:

    It is solidified. It’s? called “the Jimmy Dore show” XD

  18. Remus0387 says:

    One of the most hilarious shows of TYT, Jimmy Dore and Frank Coniff are bloody hysterical, and who would of thought Bill? O’Reilly would phone in and we hear Chris Christie, who sounds like James Gandolfini’s jersey accent.

  19. MrProletarier says:

    08:12 – 08:19 very nice!?

  20. srmcglennon says:

    jesus, how many times? do these people have to change their oil pan? Must have never heard of a pothole there…

  21. JONESYLAWD says:

    2.55 is in reverse (? man walking backwards) :0

  22. AnTHoNyB1125 says:

    this isnt the? vag i was looking for……

  23. DREAMowiec says:

    Eryc!? Ty kaliska mordo 😀 4:20

  24. BlackMagicGamingPS3 says:

    @Heem24100 РYoure? fucking stupid, this is a huge meet, for any lover of cars. This meet is so large, that Volkswagon actually acknowledges it. That is where the W12 Golf came from, a gift to the people who go to W̦rthersee. The only fag here is you.

  25. Heem24100 says:

    That meet is for gays only,? fucking fags

  26. Rougewolf says:

    5:25? thats it…

  27. IlAshtOnIl says:

    anybody? know where to pick up the bodykit on the red mk4 6:17? fucking SICK

  28. 007vwbora says:

    vw 4 ever!?

  29. dandesign05 says:

    Where? are the loads of girls?

  30. dandesign05 says:

    @ 2:20 the Black? Bull

  31. Mugre300 says:

    I wish this video never ended.?

  32. M95ax says:

    05:26 Music in my ears, VR6 <3?

  33. SanttuZ1 says:

    Fuck this world,? im going 720p..

  34. Ao1Sniping says:

    07:42 Song is sick? 😀

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